Week 19

Activities for this week are blowing bubbles with saliva and flipping…




IMG_3044 IMG_3102

IMG_3109        IMG_3113


And she managed to flip on 30 March, 2:o2:02PM.
Go buy Toto. :p

FFWD: Lemon-steamed spinach


I’m late for this post but I’m sure the FFWD community will forgive. I love it that this is a fuss-free dish (I used 5 minutes in all for this) and is most helpful when we are faced with a busy weekend.

I must confess that I didn’t follow the recipe to a tee because as I opened the fridge door, I realised, lo and behold, there wasn’t any lemon!!! I have forgotten to top them up! In the end, I added orange zest and a little lemon juice to create that tangy taste. IMG_0109

I would not normally use such a method to steam my veggies. Instead, I would do the reverse – steam the veggies and then add the seasoning sauce. Perhaps, I would use this method the next time I steam my the greens.

So, thanks to this, I have a slightly heartier breakfast. Nope, today is not Friday. It is a Saturday morning.

I can’t wait to attempt the next recipe though.

Join us in this adventure – French Fridays with Dorie.

Reflective Friday


‘Lest I forget Gethsemane,
Lest I forget Thine agony;
Lest I forget Thy love for me,
Lead me to Calvary.’

It’s Good Friday and I thought it is apt to reflect on the love of the Lord that drove Him to the cross. In our busyness too, we tend to take Him for granted and complain about our lives.

Allow me to list five things/people that I am thankful for:
#1. The fact that I am forgiven and could enter into a relationship with God.
#2. My parents for bringing us up and helping us in every way that they can.
#3. My husband for loving me the way I am.
#4. A happy and healthy girl.
#5. Living in a country that is safe and peaceful.

Baking the hot cross buns today. These sweet buns are nicely spiced with ground cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves, and are filled with currants (raisins) and candied fruit. What makes them instantly recognizable is that the tops of the buns are marked with a ‘cross’ which symbolically represents the Cross of Christ and the Crucifixion.

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Recipe after the jump.

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Good Friday brekky @ Eggs and Berries

My family are early risers, whether or not it is a work day or holiday. It’s just how our body clocks work and today, the hubs and I got up at 5am again, after baby Faith called out for milk.

At 6am, both the adults were hungry and started to look for places which serve early breakfast. No, we decided to give hawker centres a miss since we have been there a few mornings already. A few other choices popped up but yours truly really isn’t the sort to travel far unless I am given ample notice and in the end, we ended up somewhere in the east – Eggs and Berries.

It is situated at Changi City Point and a quick check shows that there are quite a lot of eateries to choose from. Ah…how could we have missed this mall?

Eggs and Berries wasn’t really open for business when we reached there at 7.50am. It’s okay. We loitered around and the kind waitress let us in five minutes to 8am. We are the first customers again!

There’re quite a lot of items on the menu and the best is they are for all day dining! Whoah! However, we wanted to go for a normal breakfast so it’s usual fare (like eggs, bacon, toast, etc) for us.

gifLook! The hubs is having a hard time deciding what to have.



I had the All time mushroom and egg while the hubs ordered the Early riser breakfast. We were pleased with the food and we certainly left the eatery on a full stomach! The brewed coffee’s excellent too!


As anticipated, Faith wants to join in the breakfast. Sigh!

So, we have found one more eatery which serves good early breakfast and the quest continues. Just a note. If you want to use the toilets at around 9am in the mall, please be prepared that you will face the following at every level. Ridiculously true! They should stagger the timing to clean the toilets, no? So, in the end, I have to rest my big Mama bums on a small toilet bowl meant for children.

IMG_3069Be warned

Eggs & Berries
Changi Business Park Central 1, #B1-37/38 Food Junction, Changi City Point, Singapore (Expo MRT)
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm Daily

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Wordless Wednesday: Almost there


Halfway mark for the flip stunt.
Faith drank 130ml – 50ml = 80ml today!

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A not-so-happy day

This is one of those days in which I would:
1) say ‘no, thank you’ to your suggestion of having more kids.
2) be asking myself why I am a SAHM.
3) be asking, “Dear hubs, where are you? Help!”
4) raise both my hands and said, “I surrender, Lord. You take over.”

Dear Faith

IMG_0068Mama had a very tiring day today and I just wanted to be away from you. I think you had the same thoughts too.

We started off on a good note. Brought you to the wet market and the uncles and aunties were commenting how adorable and good you were. However, upon reaching home, you got hungry and asked for milk which I gladly offered. The next moment when I carried you, you threw up the food that you consumed and dirtied the floor.


It was really a mess. And naturally, Mama wanted to clean up but you wouldn’t let me put you in the cot. You cried, screamed, wailed and I’m sure the neighbours in the next block could hear you and must be wondering how bad a mother I am. But seriously, I think you are throwing tantrums and I really dislike it. You went on like this for the whole morning. You can cry for all your want but if that is how you think I would relent, you should try a different tactic.


You made Mama very angry today and I’m sure you didn’t like the scolding session. And I have to let you know that Mama loves you a lot despite that. I wouldn’t want to raise up a spoilt brat and I certainly wouldn’t give you what you want just because you cry.

Mama’s wrists would never heal if you insist that I carry you ALL the time. I don’t know why you like to do that because you didn’t act like this previously. I want you to know that I would not oblige all the time simply because I can’t.


I had enough of you and decided that I should call for help. Thankfully, your grandma decided not to go out after I asked her to look after you. I went for a jog to cool myself, knowing that you are in good hands and when I came back, I saw both grandpa and grandma with you. How sweet. Grandpa just came back from his dialysis treatment and he should be feeling weak but he still wanted to play with you. I’m indeed thankful for him.


I want you to know that I love you a lot but please, do Mama a favour? Stop behaving like a princess. Mama is tired, be considerate please?

30 stuff

Every year, I make resolutions because I like working towards certain goals. This year, however, I couldn’t pen down any as I was busy with the kiddo. So life drifted  until recently when I’m trying to get a hold of myself. You can certainly be lost in motherhood!

While I was doing Pilates the other morning, it dawned on me that I am really unfit! My abs muscles have evaporated into thin air and I couldn’t ‘peel’ myself off the ground. How annoying. At that instant, I told myself that if I do not take care of my health, I would not be able to do a lot of things, and yes, that would include taking care of Faith. My wrists’ condition is where it is right now partly due to my stubbornness not to get them treated and rested. So, I have decided not to be ‘hero’ but to take time to rejuvenate and rest.

Over the past week too, the sudden death of Professor Winston Koh set me thinking about what I am doing with my life. Nope, I do not know him personally but I was reminded that our lives are in His hands and I have no control over how long I can live. So , just one life, live it well, to the glory of God.

winston koh[Credits]

I particularly like this shot of the late Dr Koh. It shows a man who was an adrenaline junkie, an avid photographer and a scholarly person all at the same time. He had a passion for life and of learning but sadly it was the new-found passion, diving, that cost him his life.

Ok, so it seems that there is no real connection of the above to the list of things that I plan to accomplish. I guess I just want to remind myself that life is precious and instead of letting each day pass by me and deeming it boring, I should embrace life and be thankful that I am allowed to breathe and live for another one more day.  So, here’s my to do list for my 30 stuff – 2013!

See my 2011’s and 2010′s to-do list for 30 stuff (though it doesn’t mean that I have to have 30 things to accomplish).

In no particular order of preference, they are:

(1) Breastfeed Faith for at least six months
It has been my intention all along that I would breastfeed Faith exclusively for this amount of time and thus, I applied for 2 months’ of NPL to achieve that. But my gynae has suggested that I continue to do that for one whole year. I’m not sure if I can do so when I go back to work but I’ll try.

(2) Communicate with Faith using Mandarin
This has proved difficult. While I spoke Cantonese and subsequently in Mandarin when I was growing up, English has become the dominant language now. I want Faith to be an effective bilingual so I know I have to start speaking to her in Mandarin while the hubs uses English with her. I hope to persevere. Speaking, thus far, is all right but I’m not sure so about reading. Perhaps, it’s back to learning that language again?

(3) Project ‘While You Were Sleeping’
This idea was conceived in my boredom. Caring for Faith 24/7 is not all fun and laughter. It can be a lonely path, especially when your world is the apartment that you live in. It gives me real joy and excitement when I could bake when Faith is sleeping. Imagine the challenge of having to create something in that short span of time and then…the eating part! This project will have to end in June when I go back to work. Thus far, I have 13 baked stuff. Let’s aim for 20!

(4) Run with Faith
I wanted Faith to grow up being secured and knowing that life is filled with all possibilities and fun (amid pain and suffering). I, myself, have witnessed how my own mom embraced life, toiling daily while taking time to pursue her interests. So, yes, I hope to share my passions with Faith and the first being running! I will be running with her (in stroller) for the coming Shape run. Bless them for having a new category – Stroller fun run!

(5) Run with buddies
I find it difficult to find running buddies, especially now that I have to take care of a kid so time is actually not on my side most of the time. Still, I recalled the few runs that I had with my gfs and I thought I should continue to do that. Nike 5km run, here we come! Running with Boon.

(6) Attempt half marathon
Ok, so by now, you should know that I love running, no matter if I am not fast. And for the past decade, I have been participating in the year-end Standard Chartered runs and this year, I hope to complete a half marathon. It would be tough but let’s just see. Certainly hope that the hubs will join me!

(7) Plan a family trip to Penang
It seems like we are off to a tradition of having a family trip every two years. The last time, the folks came over to visit us in Boston and I took the initiative to plan the trip. There’s certainly a few lessons to learn and I hope this trip would be fun for all, baby included.

(8) Food/Photography post (Travelogue) of the Penang trip

(9) Back to roots: Cook 5 Peranakan dishes
Ken’s auntie has been cutting out recipes of Peranakan dishes for me. I think quite subtly, she is hinting that I should learn the craft of cooking them. Been wanting to do that but just didn’t get down to doing it. Perhaps I would do a blog post of her teaching me Bakwan Kepiting which is the hubs’ favourite.

(10) Back to roots: Cook ONE Hakka dish
When people ask me what dialect group I belong to, I would also reply my mother’s dialect group which is cantonese. So, yes, I know how to cook Cantonese dishes because those are the food that I grow up eating. I am actually a Hakka but do not know how to speak that dialect nor cook any of those dishes. So let’s not be ambitious, one will do and that dish would be Hakka Abacus Seeds, also known as suan pan zi.

(11) Read 10 books for 2013
Ok, this is a real struggle especially when you have a kid and household chores to handle. And it’s worse when you have to go back to work. But I find reading essential especially if the content is about raising children. Let’s just see how I can manage. To date, I have read 7. Way to go!

(12) Attend Pilates once a week
So that I will not waste my gym membership. Hah…

(13) Capture the development of Faith through the lens
I am one person who likes to reminisce and I do so through pictures. Faith grows up so fast and at times, I fail to capture beautiful moments that could be stored in  my memory (card). I hope to take good pictures of her and document her growth weekly. You are my wild is my inspiration.

(14) Shed the stubborn 3kg
I put on a total of 13kg during the pregnancy of which 9kg goes to Faith, placenta and whatever contents found in the womb. I have only shed 1kg thus far and the remaining 3kg resides in my body and refuses to go off!

(15) Do something for mom to celebrate Mother’s Day

(16) Document 10 Bento boxes
Since I’m going back to work in June and I wanted to eat well, I think home-made Bento boxes is the way to go.

(17) Bake 10 different types of bread
Baking bread is therapeutic and I always learn something new from the process. Besides, a colleague has decided to turn to baking and I thought it would be good to share what I have learnt with her.

(18) To attempt FFWD at least 3 times a month

(19) Attend a musical

(20) Attend a seminar from BSF

(21) Conduct a baking session for friends
I have conducted a macaron baking session with a few gfs in Boston before we left. This time round, what would it be?

It is well with my soul

Received the promotion list in my inbox.

No, I don’t expect to be promoted, not after only working for half a year and then missing in action for attending a leadership course and getting the baby out for the other six months.

Yes, I feel emotional about it. Bad thoughts came to my mind. If only I have not gone to accompany the hubs for his studies. If only I have not gotten myself pregnant.

Thankfully, today’s bible study message came to me instantly – Accomplishments apart from Christ have no eternal value.

Teaching is a calling, I’m pretty sure but for now, I have a higher calling – motherhood.

Once I have embarked on this journey, there will be no turning back.

So yes, I’m always in a mess, sweaty and unglam, all thanks to the sweltering heat and Faith’s drooling. But no thanks to comments on how I should do this and that or how I should not do certain stuff in bringing up Faith. They are uncalled for.

20130325-183013.jpgSo no, I’m not jealous. In fact, I’m happy for those who are promoted. They deserve the reward for working their arse for the students. But how I wish, yes, how I wish that we do not have this promotion thing and that all of us work because we love what we are doing?

So yes, my heart was unsettled for a moment, to be honest but now, I could safely say, “It is well with my soul.”

How could you not when you have a koala bear clinging on to you and a husband who is always there for you?

Week 18

Making decision. Which one should I choose?

OK, I’ll go for this!

Everyone’s looking at the camera. Dare to be different! I am unique. Accept me for who I am. =)

FFWD: ispahan loaf cake


I have decided to resurrect the French Fridays with Dorie adventures after more than a year of absence. Yes, blame it on relocation to home, getting our new apartment, getting pregnant and having a kid. No, I have not abandoned the cookbook. In fact, I have revisited some of the dishes that I have attempted before and now I’m craving for more French in my cooking.

I must say that I’m excited about this recipe – ispahan loaf cake (pg 440) –  simply because rose syrup is one of the ingredients needed. It is easily available here and it reminds me of a drink that I used to have when I was in elementary/primary school. It is called bandung and is essentially milk with rose syrup. The eager beaver in me is excited to find out the outcome of this cake. And since Dorie mentioned that the great pastry chef Pierre Herme has made his collection of Ispahan desserts to be among his best sellers, how could I not bake this cake?


I didn’t get to purchase rose extract but I replaced it with rose essence. The cake took more than the stipulated time to bake and even after putting it in the oven for another 10 minutes, the interior is a tad moist. I have to turn up the temperature and put it in the oven for another 10 minutes before it is all baked.


The turnout? Pinkish, soft, tight and springy just like what Dorie described in her cookbook. Love the use of fresh raspberries too!

After this baking attempt, I have to take a break from it. The hubs was not pleased with the fact that I did not rest my wrists (I’m not supposed to cook/bake for the time being). Hopefully, my wrists will be better and I could continue with French Fridays with Dorie next week!


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Letting go.

Today is the first day I place Faith for so long at my dad’s place while I go for a haircut (after one whole year!) and indulge myself in some shopping therapy and a cup of coffee from Gong Cha.

I must tell you, I feel stressed and my mind keeps going back to Faith. Will she be all right? Will she resist the bottle and not drink at all? Will she cry all the time?


I told my hairdresser that I was in a hurry and thankfully, she could empathize with me since she is a mother of two herself. The next two hours saw me rushing here and there to make my purchases.

In a span of those few hours, I called back twice and each time, my dad assured me she was ok and that she was asleep.

When I reached home, I saw Faith, sleeping soundly on the bed. Dad told me that she has drunk 30ml from the bottle which is a great feat since she only wants to be breastfed at the moment. It’s an improvement! When she awoke, I found myself rushing to hug her and a wave of guilt swept past me for leaving her in my father’s care.

I have to learn to let go.

Faith will be fine with dad and more importantly, I have to trust God that Faith is in good hands.

So today, I had a little ME time and got myself a new toy – a camera ( my Lumix will not give me nice pictures anymore since that fateful day).


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Ordered to rest

I have decided to consult a doctor (finally) about my wrists’ condition, after attempts to use a pair of scissors and a pen to write a simple note failed miserably.

I didn’t know that my condition has gotten to such a state.

I have gone to the Chinese physician before where I received acupuncture as part of the treatment and his wife has instructed me to rest which I resisted. How to when you have to care for the baby and to do the household chores?

And yesterday, I gave the same reason to the doctor and she shrugged,”It’s up to you. It will only get worse. Your ligament is already inflammed”

I think reverse psychology works well on me. Her ‘you-decide’ and ‘up-to-you’ or bochap attitude caused me to think about the repercussion of not resting. Should it get worse, I might not even be able to cook or bake or teach in the end, let alone taking care of Faith.

I had a referral letter and an appointment made to consult an orthopaedic specialist but I hope that I would not need to, in the end.

So, I’m going to rest. No cooking. No baking. As ordered by the hubs. And of course, less household chores.

This is sad… but at least I can still run!

20130319-134234.jpgHave a great Tuesday!


What prompted this entry is a set of pictures that I found in my iphone. Over the weekend, I have captured these moments which I found endearing. They are men who desire to be involved in bringing up their children or grandchildren, given whatever amount of time they have with the little ones. They deserve to be applauded for their efforts and we, as wives, can do more to encourage them.

IMG_2933 IMG_2932

The hubs naturally spends more time with Faith during the weekends since he doesn’t have to work then. I am thankful that he makes the decision not to bring work home but to spend more time with us, helping out in whatever capacity he can. On that Saturday, he took care of Faith while I enjoyed the BBQ food at our CG member’s condo. The kids liked playing with him as he put on his silly self.

IMG_2949 IMG_2951

We go back to my in-laws’ once a week on Sunday and we take a break from parenthood for a few hours. My FIL will be the one entertaining Faith and it is quite a sight! He sings and talks to her and even entertains her. You wonder where the hubs gets this trait from.

IMG_2915 IMG_2914

My sis and family came back from Jogja over the weekend to settle some stuff for the renovation of their home. My nephews were parked at my father’s place and see how they flocked to their Gong Gong. My father would play with them and when Faith was around, he carried her and made sure that she was protected (from Dayen who could not control his strength as yet and might ‘hit’ Faith). When Faith was on the bed, he would look lovingly at her and when she cooed, he was so happy! You should have seen his expression – a proud Gong Gong!

I’m thankful that I’m surrounded by men who are hands-on: my brother, brother-in-law, the gentlemen in my cell group and the men mentioned above. I’m quite sure there are many like them around! And maybe someone should start a magazine on fatherhood or something in Singaland. It would be a good read, exploring lives of fathers. Or are there such resources available already?

Kindling Quarterly from KindlingQuarterly on Vimeo.

Matcha almond cookies

Think I am addicted to Matcha.
I have matcha noodles for lunch and I would have a cup of matcha after lunch every other day.

I couldn’t resist baking these matcha almond cookies!

I got the recipe from here, a website which I like and I am actually eating one of the cookies as I’m typing! Delicious. I love it!


Brought Faith to swim at my friend’s. It’s a relaxing Wednesday though Faith wasn’t in her best behaviour.


Green blouse to complement the Matcha cookies. Hah..


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It has been 16 weeks!

Yesterday, Faith was to have her 4-month’s injection and it also marked the last day of my maternity leave.

Where did the time go?

As I witnessed Faith’s wail when the two needles pricked her flesh, my heart went out to her. Oh my poor baby! And as I cradled her in my arms in the evening, a wave of sadness swept within me – I’m going back to work in 2 month’s time and this period would soon pass.

No, I’m not resenting going back to work. In fact, I am looking forward to it. I love my job but at the same time, I love my baby even more. I guess I am trying to see if I could juggle being a working mom. After all, my mom herself has been one. I know it is super tiring but I would like to see this as a challenge – can I do it?

Being a SAHM has its perks. I’ve got to wake up at my own timing, appreciate a cup of coffee and witness Faith’s smile as she arises to the dawn of the day. And not forgetting the time that I could have for shopping or even tea with friends in the afternoon. The downside though, is that I would have to spend most of my time with the kid, thinking of ways to educate her, the loads of household chores to complete which can be really boring (apart from baking, hehe).

I hope I could balance every aspect of my life well when that day comes. For now, I need to slowly adjust Faith to the change in schedule, get her to be with the family members and even strangers and more importantly deal with her feeding habits.

Let’s list 3 specific items for now:

1. Come up with a timetable that my family and I can follow to smoothen the transition.

2. Train Faith to drink from bottle, syringe or even spoon! And another training comes when she can take semi-solids!

3. Come up with ideas for play time and resources for the grandfather to teach her.

Wt – 6.6kg
Ht – 62cm

Useful info on the development of a child.

Tiring Saturday

It’s Saturday again and it’s time to try out a new cafe. This time round, we went to Penny University located at East Coast Road.

To cut to the chase, the breakfast wasn’t anything fantastic. It was normal fare and nothing to rave about. Even my expresso with milk was just so-so. I had wanted to order a slice of pastry but looking at what were displayed, which to me were remnants of yesterday’s sale, I decided not to go for it.

IMG_2817 IMG_2807
My very basic croissant with ham and Faith doesn’t look too pleased either. The whole time while we were waiting for the food till we had our first bite, Faith was grumbling and grumbling. Not too sure what she was sad about until the hubs carried her. Oh! She felt left out. Hah!



Still, it makes a nice hang-out place with friends.

Green tea bread with cranberries


I love everything about green tea. The colour and smell give a calming effect and it is healthy too! Over the week, I had green tea soba for two meals and green tea drink to complement the meal. And I reckon it doesn’t hurt to have green tea bread for breakfast too!

This recipe yields about 10 buns. I believe it is possible to halve the recipe if you want to have fewer portions. The original recipe uses wolfberries but I have substitute with cranberries instead.

[Adapted from Bread Code by Wendy Kor]

Ingredient A
550g bread flour
50g cake flour
8g instant yeast
20g milk powder
30g sugar
10g salt
1 egg (about 50g)
290g warm-to-the-touch water

Ingredient B
40g unsalted butter

Ingredient C
10g green tea powder
30g cranberries

1. Mix ingredients A and blend (using dough hook) at slow speed for 1 minute, then blend at medium speed for 5 minutes until bread dough is course. Add in ingredient B and continue blending until smooth and shiny. Perform window pane test to check.

IMG_2826 IMG_2827
Do not place salt and yeast together. 
There will be bubbles with yeast interacts with warm water. 

IMG_2831Window pane test. It does not tear easily. 

2. Divide bread dough into 2 portions. I yield about 1018g in all. Retain original taste for 1 portion. For the other portion, add green tea powder and knead evenly, then add cranberries and knead evenly.


3. Place in oiled container and cover with cling wrap. Leaven for 40 minutes until bread dough size doubles. Divide bread dough of both flavours into portions of 50g each. Roll into balls and wrap green tea flavour with original flavour. Place in baking tray and leaven for 20 minutes, then make horizontal cuts (scores) on surface with a knife. Continue to leaven for 20 minutes.

IMG_2834 IMG_2839

4. Place in a pre-heated oven and bake at 200C for 15 minutes.


The car is ready for collection from the workshop after the battery went flat on Monday.

I had it towed because it’s really not convenient to try driving it to the workshop after a jump-start. So… the cost shot up, after servicing other parts like air-con, change brake pad, fuel oil, blah blah.

And dear Faith was so uncomfortable with the surrounding that she cried her lungs out. Sigh! Big SIGH!

I think I need to bring her out more often! She cannot be staying home and sticking to me all the time!

Faith :: 15 weeks

IMG_2698Whoah! It’s been so long since I last updated Faith’s progress.

Faith has been growing stronger each passing week. Every morning she wakes up, she would exercise – kicking. She loves doing that a lot. And when I put on the Lamaze’s booties and wristbands, she kicks all the more vigorous! She must be loving the jiggles that come with all those shaking!IMG_2705

IMG_2707 IMG_2702
However, Faith still couldn’t flip! I think she has tried doing that but maybe it’s not the time yet?


Faith is starting to understand that she has fingers; she keeps staring at her left hand while I leave her alone in the rocker. Having said that, now she can be left on her own while I cook or bake which is really marvellous. She manages to sit patiently in the rocker while I have my lunch too! Awesome! Of course, if I leave her too long in it, she would fuss. But on the whole, things have improved so much!


It’s no coincidence that Faith could sleep through the night. She has been able to do that since her second month and this continues till today! Hurray! Apart from the few occasions when she called out to have her feed, we are very much thankful that she could sleep through most of the time. 8+pm to 6+am.

A problem that we are facing is that she keeps drooling and pulling her hair! Her saliva causes rashes below her mouth which irks me. And she keeps pulling her hair! I think I should seriously consider shaving her!


My 4-month maternity leave is almost coming to an end and it’s time to think and consider how I should transit back to work after the next 2 months of No Pay Leave. Time to train Faith, get her to visit my parents more as she can recognise faces now and to get her to drink from the bottles again.

Oh! There’s really quite a fair bit of stuff to do to ensure smooth transition! Time to start the work engine too!

Blueberry cake

After we got back from the Batam trip, I opened the fridge door and before my eyes were three packs of blueberries, screaming for me to devour them. So I thought I should just bake a blueberry cake from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook.

It was relatively easy to bake but I faced a major problem. After the stipulated time, I took out the cake, only to find that the centre was still wobbly – uncooked. In the oven the cake goes – 10 mins. And then another 10 minutes. And then another… the centre was still rather damp but apart from that area, the rest was cooked.

Something could be wrong about the recipe. But the cake turned out to be moist, soft and delicious and the hubs likes it. Definitely will try again and the next time, I will add the cream cheese frosting, just because it is beautiful. =p


Source: The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook by Tarek Malouf and The Hummingbird Bakers
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Weekend getaway #1

A long awaited break. Batam because we wanted to try bringing Faith out on a trip and to see how she takes to it. She was amazingly cooperative! She was quiet the whole trip, being secured in her carrier, until the last part when we returned on the ferry. Little Faith must have been scared by the loud engine sound. But other than that, it’s a smooth trip for us. Thank God! More to come?

IMG_2731 IMG_2728
The boba carrier is my #1 companion. Faith likes to be in it and as a result, I too, can be rather mobile.

IMG_2733One of the stops – at the chocolate store. And the highlight remains to be the massage! S$20 for a full javanese massage. Where can you find that deal in SG? And thankfully, Faith was cooperative. She was lying beside me, entertaining herself, while I got my massage done.

IMG_2734After a day of sightseeing which the hubs and I would rather not have, we finally reached our hotel at 6pm. It was located about 40 minutes from the city centre, a haven for the golfers.

IMG_2737I never like to order food from the hotel. They are, in my opinion and experience, pricey and not too delicious. Or perhaps the hotels that I visited were of low standard? Since we checked in late and we would always lose out if we were to go for buffet, we just ordered in. And the food disappointed me again! Hah! This hotel does not provide baby cot too and Faith had to share our bed.  I suspect she loved this idea judging from the wide smile she gave as she turned to look at me while we were turning in.

IMG_2741 IMG_2742
Our hill view. Scene from our balcony.


IMG_2747 IMG_2749
We were the first guest to be coming down for breakfast. Not that we are ‘kiasu’ but we are just early risers! Nice view while having our brekky. Time stood still for a while.



I thought this is a nice place to take some wedding pics.

IMG_2766 IMG_2758

After breakfast, we checked out the swimming pool and decided that the water was too dirty for Faith and discarded the idea of swimming in it. Poor Faith. We had thought she could enjoy herself in the water for this trip but it was not to be so. Even our room does not have the bath tub. Sigh. While she rested, the hubs and I did our BS materials and had a short discussion on it. Nice.


A short getaway is what we I need and I hope there’s more to come! Time to plan for the next one! I promise it would be more relaxing. =p

In moments like these…

The neighbour above us did some drilling work in the late night, waking Faith up and since then, she has had waking moments now and then. I turned to look at the hubs, he’s sound asleep.

I woke up with sore shoulders, numb fingers but forced myself up to the crying of Faith. It’s already 7.30am! Goodness! So late. I must have been real tired.

Tied my hair, steamed my corn, breastfed the baby and looked around.

The dining table’s a mess with letters unopened, purchased stuff lying on the wooden top. Haiz.

Piles of clothes, unironed, on the sofa. Haiz.

Faith’s clothes, not washed, and it seems like a good sunny day. Haiz.

Floor’s a bit dusty. Yikes.

I craved for kaya toast and coffee to wake this lethargic spirit.

In moments like these, I wish that I’m back at work, with a little independence of sorts and having adults to talk to and joke with.

Now, it’s me, baby, walls and household chores.


And the hubs came back early to surprise me with what I craved for. *Satisfied and so loved*