26 Feb

I was to attend the graduation ceremony for my MLS course and the hubs had kindly taken leave to attend, no, to take care of Faith. So, the days leading up to the ceremony saw me trying on my pre-pregnancy dresses and I ended up being depressed. The hubs, having heard my complaints, suggested that we go down to a shopping mall to buy a dress before attending the ceremony in the afternoon.

So, after the morning run, at 9.15am, the hubs said, “So, we leave home at 9.45am ok?”

I’m not sure if you have watched the movie ‘I don’t know how she does it’ but there is this scene when SJP had a time of going through the list of things to do in her mind during bedtime while her on-screen husband had fallen into deep sleep.

After that question by the hubs, a million things raced through my mind too.
1) Need to bathe Faith. That would mean prepare the water for it, bathe her, discard the water, blah, blah…
2) Need to rinse the clothes so that we can dry them (it’s sunny).
3) I haven’t gone to the toilet for some big business (I had the feeling).
4) I haven’t chosen the clothes to wear (just in case we could not get a decent dress during shopping so this has to be a back-up plan).
5) I haven’t chosen a pair of shoes to go with it.
6) I haven’t cleaned up the kitchen.
7) The water isn’t boiled.
8)  I haven’t blow-dried my hair and it was in a mess!
9) The dining table was in a mess. Need to tidy.
… and the list goes on.

My immediate answer to the hubs’ question was, “Huh? Not even time la!” To which he quickly answered, “Okok, 10.15am then.”

That’s the difference between how a man and a woman thinks. Maybe we think too much or there are really some things that we can do later. Prioritization? Anyway, the hubs offered his help to clean Faith and after rushing here and there, we did manage to step out of the house at 10.15am.

And I did manage to buy a dress, not the best choice, but it is the most comfortable and one which I could breastfeed Faith conveniently. Oh, Faith, could you please take to the bottles again so that Mommy will not be so tied down by you?

To be totally honest, I was a bit sad yesterday. My body has gone out of shape and I look like an ‘auntie’. I have not cut or trim my hair since Feb last year and it has become like ‘dry grass’. It’s so depressing! Do you mothers face the same thing too?

But I did turn up for the ceremony in the end after toying with the idea of being absent. And I’m thankful to the hubs who looked after Faith outside the theatre for the whole session while the ceremony was going on. These are the only photos we took. Sigh!

IMG_2676 IMG_2677
OK, I think I need to make an effort to put on some make-up from now on. But it’s so troublesome! And I kind of can guess what the hubs will say with regard to this. Hah!

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