Weekends :: 23, 24 Feb

I’m on half-load on weekends and I’m loving it.

picasion.com_e887db04403cac9325211271fcb3670aSaturday saw Faith and I accompanying da man to his workplace and I became a passenger at last! Ken was nervous about driving along the highway but I believe he should be able to drive with ease with more practice.

In the afternoon, while I busied myself in the kitchen, baking the strawberry cake for the cell group later in the evening, Ken spent time with Faith by reading and introducing rock music to her! The whole time when the music was on, Faith was listening intently and enjoying it at the same time. Sigh! It seems Faith prefers rock to classical or jazz.

IMG_2617Even when the hubs was ironing the clothes, he did not spare Faith the rock music and the kiddo literally rocked herself to the music.

La femme finally met up in full force! One does not need many friends but just a few who will be there for you when you go through the ups and downs of life. Sadly, the time was too short as we need to go back to my in-laws for ‘Yuan Xiao Jie’ dinner.



Dinner @ in-laws. Koko cooked so many dishes and each time, we have to cry out to her to cook less. For me, I need to detox for the next few days. Nah…

IMG_2652Eunice making Kway Pie Tee for us. Wonderful lady!

IMG_2654 IMG_2656

Dad entertaining Faith by singing to her. 

IMG_2657 IMG_2659
Da man reading newspaper (sigh!) and Gabriel preparing Yu Sheng. Nice guy!


IMG_2664After Yu Sheng, there’s still Peranakan food!!!

Happy Yuan Xiao Jie, people!


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