Jan dinner in Feb


This is the bunch of ex-colleagues at HQ who still make it an effort to meet up once a month over meals. We brought Faith out, half afraid that she would be cranky the whole night but she’s ok! Thanks to the hubs who carried her around to view things (she’s uber curious) so that moi could have a peaceful dinner and thus ate too much in the end. =(


20130223-064216.jpg  20130223-064224.jpg
The most interesting thing about this steamboat is the condiments. So many different ones, 12 of them, all mixed together as one. The ingredients are fresh and I love the sliced marbled beef and the various balls available. Love the drunken ginseng chicken soup base too. I would say very little (or no) processed food is served. Why of course, you pay the price for it too!

The night was still young as they proceeded to have dessert after that. For us, it was way too late for Faith’s bedtime, actually for us too. =p

Lao le (old already).

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
#01-21/23 TripleOne Somerset
111 Somerset Rd.