So, we went shopping on Saturday but in the end, I could not make up my mind to buy anything except a cup of bubble tea, Tollyjoy’s laundry detergent, a new bottle for Faith and a pair of slippers to wear at home.

And then when we walked out of Giant’s, I thought of what I want (not need). You see, the kitchen is the most treasured place in my home and I spend a lot of time there, baking and cooking. I love kitchen gadgets too and would appreciate cookbooks as gifts as well.

So… I thought of buying something to add to my kitchen. Nope, it’s not Le Creuset’s dutch oven. I can’t carry heavy stuff now; my wrists are really very weak. No more pots since I have a few now. I don’t mind a new kettle since the one that we currently have is too heavy for my wrists to handle but I think that can wait a bit. So, it’s this…


Anyway, the hubs’ poem to me…

Dear love.

4 years have passed since half cooked salmon,
walks by the beach and our first kiss.
4 years of learning more of each other, working together towards familial bliss.
And now I call you ‘wife’ and ‘mother
of my child’, my partner, friend.
The one whom I knew and still believe in, will be beside me til the end.
My dear love.
Even as we rang the changes. From east to west, across the world. As our lives have changed since we came together, in almost every way imaginable.
You’ve stood by me through all discomfort, in times when you could not see the good. You trusted God and now He’s granted a little one for me and you.
So dear love.
As we move ahead in life together. Now with another by our side. I want you to know that I speak truly. My love for you will never die.
And when that day when life is dimming, I’m sure right now, my cry will be true. That of all the gifts that God has granted me, the most precious one, to me, is you.
My dear love.


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