Faith :: 10 weeks

For days, I have been worrying if I have allowed Faith the opportunity to strengthen her muscles. I seldom have tummy time with her. Ken has been the one who does that with Faith but since he comes home in the evening, the little one would be cranky, if not sleepy by then.

Yesterday, after carrying her for a long time, I finally succumbed to tiredness and put her down on our bed, hoping that she would sleep. She struggled initially and then lo and behold, she lifted her chest up with her arms! While performing that act, she let out a pathetic cry and I so wanted to help her but decided against it. I know if I was to help her, she would not be able to do it herself.

And today, while baking in the kitchen, I heard her cry again. Rushed in and found her ‘working out’ again. Ahh…her new-found exercise regime!

CNY: Almond cookies

This CNY has been especially busy for me since mom has asked me to bake those goodies (save $). Have baked the peanut cookies, Kueh Bahulu, pineapple tarts and today, the almond cookies.


This is a fuss-free recipe; it doesn’t require mixer. Just dump the ingredients and knead. But of course, there is always mishaps in baking. I put in two batches and one of them came out rather dark after switching to the fan mode. Suspect that the temperature is too high too. Will try another recipe which calls for a temperature of 150C instead of 180C. The turnout of these almond cookies is less than satisfactory. Maybe I have to toast the almond slices first? Hmm..hmm…



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