Language acquisition

Language is best acquired when you are immersed in the environment necessary for it to develop. Which means that you hear and speak the language most of the time. My nephew, Dallen, is trying very hard to learn the Chinese language and my sister, trying even harder to teach him. He grew up in Jogja for a good number of years and is indeed difficult to learn the language without the environment for it.

We would love for Faith to be effective bilingual and that would require each of us to speak in English and Mandarin respectively to her. Ken would be the English speaker while I am tasked to speak Mandarin to her. It is difficult for me because I have long forgotten many of the vocabulary words in Chinese and I would always go back to using English to talk to Faith. Tough job ahead. I think I had better brush up on my Chinese. Boo hoo!

Time to go Popular (bookstore) to buy reference books!