Getting back…

… in shape, that is.

It has been 8 weeks since Faith’s birth and generally it is quite ok for a mother (natural birth) to exercise. I have been feeling rather unfit and obviously unhappy with the extra fats sitting at the waistline. The back aches as well and I thought a Yoga or a Pilates session would help. Between a centre who offers Yoga/Pilates for mums and gym, I went to sign up for a membership at the gym in the end.

Went down to Tampines 1 and had a tour of the facilities. The concept very mucht1image002 resembles any other gym that I had been with but this has a lap pool and a room for children (if you have a helper or anyone who can take care of kids below 4 YO; children above 4 YO are taken care by the staff). The lap pool did it for me and the fact that very few use this facility is super enticing.


Thankfully, there is the corporate package that I can sign up for and I went for a 6-months membership, knowing full well that once I start work, it would be super difficult to work out in gym, especially since we have a little one now (need to spend more time with her).

I’m heartened to know that Faith has been behaving well in my parents’ place. She even drank the milk from the bottle when Dad fed her which is a great assurance to me that she would be well-taken care of when I go back to work. *Thankful*

It’s time to dig out all my sports attire and dust off those trainers, assuming that I can still wear them. Darn! The body shape has changed, even the size of the feet!

Things to note:
The body produced a special hormone when you were pregnant. This relaxed your ligaments and joints more than usual to allow your baby to grow and increased the pelvic area ready for delivery. You probably still have some of the hormone in your system, so you’ll be more prone to injury if you’re too energetic too soon.  

• Start with some gentle walking, building up a bit of speed after a few sessions.

• Pelvic floor exercises can be done pretty much anywhere.

• Once your doctor says it’s OK, try some aerobic exercise; a local exercise class, dancing in your front room, a brisk walk or swimming.

• Some moms even use their baby as part of their exercise routine! If you’re walking, take the buggy.

The key is little and often. Aim to work 10 minutes of exercise into your routine here and there to begin with, working up to 30 minutes three times a week. But always remember to listen to your body!



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