Faith :: 2 months old


Dear Faith
You are 2 months old and how you have grown!

Do you know that each time when you look straight into our faces and gives a hearty intentional smile, our hearts melt? We know this emotionally connected smile probably comes from the limbic system which only fully mature at about 4 to 10 weeks. It’s truly a joy to see you responding to us in this manner.

Every morning, you awake and stretch those developing muscles. You adore your mobile and enjoy looking at the animals that rotates above you. Your eyes will follow them as they move and at times, you even coo.

IMG_2110These days, Mommy cannot carry you much as I have developed tendonitis at the wrists. Daddy helps out and he even tried to bathe you the other day. You were very cooperative and this must have given him much confidence! You are such a sweetie!

And of course, we realised that you have a mind of your own and you have decided that you prefer breasts to bottles. However, do you know that this will cost a lot of inconveniences for a lot of people, especially Mommy? Much as I want to be with you, you know I cannot do so all the time. You have to learn to be independent and know that you can be safe in the arms of those around you, who love you just IMG_2113as much.

Lastly, Mommy wants to say a big ‘Thank-you’ for helping me to breastfeed you in public. You have been super nice and drink your milk without much fuss. This makes a very relaxed Mommy indeed.

There are many things that Mommy and Daddy want to teach you and we would have to learn alongside you since we do not know much about raising a child in the first place. It’s ok. We will learn together.

Some info about settling a child.
Info on Timeline of Baby and Toddler Sleep


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