Life in pics

These days, there’s not much opportunity to blog. Life is just so different. But the snapping goes on and each pic tells a story.

IMG_2054I’m always looking forward to the hubs’ returning home from work, especially when both my wrists are in pain and the task of carrying her could well be managed by him. They need bonding too. Now, the problem is, Faith suddenly doesn’t like to feed from the bottle anymore which poses a great problem – I can’t be apart from her??? Nooooo…Anyway, the hubs will be training her in that area.

IMG_2069Faith sleeps longer in the day when sleeping face down. Peace.

IMG_2035 IMG_2034
After Faith came, both the hubs and I realised that our communication lessened which is not a good thing. When the hubs comes home, he takes over while I prepare dinner and each of us has to take turns to eat. By the time we clean and put her to bed, it’s already bedtime for us.

There is thus the need to make the effort to communicate and to strengthen our relationship. A pair of happy and loving parents will make a secure child, I believe. The other day, I was telling the hubs that I don’t feel as loved by him as before and there’s no small gestures to show that he thinks about his wife anymore (my opinion). So, the next day, I baked coffee buns for him since he really likes them and he bought gong cha and old wives’ biscuits for me. Nice. =)


I’m thankful that my sis is back for a month or so. I get to go out with her every Tuesday. It’s difficult to go out with friends now since they are working in the day time. As a SAHM, I quite detest staying home all the time. Hahah…so, I jump at every opportunity to go out. My BIL is not around and sis has to handle two kids by herself which is really not easy, especially if you have a very active child. And she is doing an excellent job!


Dallen, pointing at the horse which he wants to ride and of course, a saddened facial expression because he misses his dad.

IMG_2073A happy mom and one who needs to get back in shape. Hahahah…


I’ve always loved big, roomy bags and all the more as a mother now. There are so many things to bring and only 20% of them are my stuff. On a normal day out without the hubs, these will be the things in my bag. I’m loving this bag – it’s big and light. If there are compartments to it, it will be perfect!


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