@ 7 weeks old

Dear Faith
I hope you have enjoyed your last two days with my folks. Going shopping with them is actually a practical session for me. For weeks, I have been afraid to bring you out on my own lest I become panicky when you cry or ask for milk. So, I am thankful that your auntie, cousins and grandpa & grandma took turns to go out with us and helped us along the way.

I’m immensely proud of you that you do not give me too much trouble when we go out. You must have known that I would be super anxious and thus decided to cooperate with me? I have learnt to breastfeed you in public but I’m sorry that I do not know how to use the stroller with ease, especially when we have to go up and down the escalator. Remember, once I nearly dropped the stroller when we were descending? Thankfully, Papa was holding you in his arms. Phew! And yesterday, your auntie had to help me with the stroller again. I think I really CMI, so I would continue to use the carrier which I suspect you adore.

You have also learnt to go to sleep on your own at night without us having to pat you to sleep. You can almost zzzz throughout the entire night and your record is from 9pm to 4.30am. That is really amazing! But since Mama has to get up to express milk in the middle of the night, I really don’t mind if you wake up, you know?

I’m kind of enjoying you now and I always look forward to Papa’s returning home from his work so that I can have a decent adult conversation. Not that I don’t like to talk to you but..but…it’s just a tad different in nature. =p

We will have to go for your injection in a few days’ time. I hope you will be fine.

Dallen's portrait of me.

Dallen’s portrait of me.

Dallen and mom

Dallen and mom

Faith and mom. At last, a photo together!

Faith and mom. At last, a photo together!


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