A confined life…continued

My days as a SAHM pass uneventfully. Faith is on a routine of some sorts and it makes my life a tad easier since I’m able to predict when she will wake up for her next feed. She doesn’t cry much and certainly doesn’t scream for attention which I see as a blessing. All she needs are my boobs and I’ve got the satisfied look in return.

In between the feeds are the household chores that I need to do. Most of the time, it gives me great satisfaction that I’m able to complete them but at the same time (at times) I feel resentful that I have little help, especially from the hubs. If only he knows how much work tending to the kid and doing household chores  is. Of course, my thoughts are only my hormones acting up. On the contrary, the hubs will always lend his assistance when I ask him to.

Just yesterday, I was entertaining some ill thoughts and I cried as I carried Faith in my arms. And I realised that I need to break out from that. It’s time to think more about myself rather than always being busy doing household chores and looking after Faith. I know too that I have set a high expectations for myself as a wife and a mother but if it is stressing me out and making me miserable which will have direct impact on my relationship with both Ken and Faith, then I need to reassess.

Goals I have none for this year but these are what I set out to do for the next six months.

1) Refuel my passion for baking. It’s really something that makes me happy. No matter how tired I am, when I bake, the exhaustion seems to vanish and is replaced by joy and energy. I have quite a number of baking books that I have purchased in the past and I should really bake those goodies. I hope to bake as much as I can and since it sounds like a fun project, I should name it Project ‘While you were sleeping’ cos I could only bake when Faith is asleep. Let’s just see how many I can manage! =)

2) Travel. Ok, 2012 is not a travel year for me. I missed out on two opportunities to fly both for work and studies due to the pregnancy. So I want to travel again in 2013. Ok, hubs, please take special note. We have quite a few to choose from and Faith can certainly travel: Sapa (for her beautiful surrounding and landscape), Batam (for v. reasonable spa and food!), Hong Kong (for food and remember the “Victoria Peak’ incident?), Taiwan ( loving the food, stores, attractions and people!), Bali (for relaxation)….

3) Exercise! I’m very tempted to start running now and perhaps will sign up for a 10K run later this year. Maybe the Great Eastern run for ladies? =) Yoga and pilates – still waiting for them to call me. Swimming – I need those tan.

4) Hike Hike Hike! I want to go on hikes with Faith and the hubs. Want to expose Faith to nature as much as possible.

5) Read up! Maybe I should aim for a minimum of 10 books?

6) How shall I serve God better this year? By spending quality time with Him and serving the hubs, Faith and the CG!

7) Would also love to spend more time with the older folks, both my family and in-laws. And not forgetting good old friends!

Whoah! So, there are actually a lot of things to do! Exciting!

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