The weekend

I’m starting to get some routine set in place…for weekends.


Saturday morning is the time to go to the wet market to purchase a week’s supply of grocery while the hubs take over to take care of Faith (ever so happy to do so!). To avoid the crowd, going there early is crucial. So, I started at 7am and I was done with it very soon, knowing what I wanted to purchase.

Then we went out for Saturday brekky, a practice we started when I was still carrying Faith in the womb. We went back to The Swiss Backer and as usual, we were the first customers. Ordered the same old stuff (non-adventurers) and chilled out until it’s time to go to my colleague’s place to collect some clothes from her and then more shopping!

I wanted to purchase a good carrier. Sling is still out because I really, seriously can’t get the hang of it and have become demoralised. The current carrier works well but sadly it couldn’t give a lot of support for the shoulder and the back. Wanted to buy a Manduca carrier after doing some online research but the salespeople at Baby Sling and Carrier told me that Boba Carrier might be a better option for me if I want a fuss-free and equally good carrier at a slightly lower price. I tried both and found the Boba to be better for me. It’s light-weight and easy to IMG_1997use. Making use of the opportunity, I asked how to use the sling and the ‘auntie’ had me show her how I did it using her sling and it was relatively on the right track. She asked about the brand that I am using and commented that it would be difficult to use mine because of some factors. Hmmm….Anyway, I went home (after a long conversation at the shop and thank goodness we were the only customers) with a carrier, along with some accessories and a nursing cover. Burnt a hole in the pocket. =(


We have also resumed our attendance at CG and church service. Faith has been extremely cooperative, waking up only to be fed and then went back to sleep. Thank God for an easy baby! Please stay this way.