Survivor: The first day

Many have told me that in order to catch some sleep, you need to sleep when the baby is in Lala land and you have to work around her schedule.

I concur with the latter statement but to catch a wink when she’s asleep? I can’t seem to get around to doing that!


Friday. The first day that I was on my own. The hubs has gone back to work and I was absolutely certain that I could manage on my own. Breakfast was no longer prepared by Jenny but thankfully, SIL bought cupcakes from Twelve and I indulged in one, along with a cup of milo, a habit that Jenny had left with me (she adores MILO).

Thereafter, it was breastfeeding Faith, soothing her, expressing milk, cleaning and sterilising bottles, bathing Faith (phew!), washing her clothes and cleaning the floor. All these take up time, especially the first two activities.


So, in that one day, I have learnt to shower in 7 mins or less (before she cries) and managed to do up three dishes for the full month celebration with ex-colleagues from TDD. Unfortunately, with a baby, I couldn’t have quality conversation with the guests as Faith was rather cranky that night (change of routine with the guests). But I’m pleased to announce that I have survived… the first day! Now, my back is aching and my wrists sprained. =( I need my yoga and pilates sessions!

first month

family first month

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