One year on…

This time last year, we took our flight back home from Boston.

I kinda miss the cold weather, the walk around Boston Common, the Chai Latte at the joint opposite Park Street Church, Boston Public Library and …the snow.

I guess I have to be thankful to have the chance to live there for that short period of time. Wonderful times.

One of my favourite bands – 53A. ❤ the voice of Sara. And I miss Timbre too.


Swaddle for comfort

I didn’t know the importance of swaddling until I received this book ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block’ by Harvey Karp. In it, the author mentioned that 5S for calming crying babies and then I discovered the art of swaddling and its effect on babies. I should have read more widely before the delivery.


Of the swaddles that we have bought, I find Anais + Anais’ swaddling blanket the best. The material is soft and the size big so Faith won’t get out of the swaddle easily, if we do it well.

Infants at this stage need security and it is absolutely all right to keep them intact and close to you. In their fourth trimester, the infants will accustom well if we provide them with an environment that is likened to that of the womb.

Here are some notes on how to swaddle, for my sake. Memory is bad, nowadays. Extracted from the book.

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