The little bub has packed on some weight again. She has a more rounded face than before and when she gives us the different facial expressions, we cannot help but blurt out laughing, even when she is crying!

Meanwhile, the mom has been trying to ease into her new role and she is trying to anticipate what might happen when the CL is gone. So she tries to breastfeed whenever she has the opportunity with some degree of success. She knows she cannot give up for the sake of her sanity when she is alone with the child. It will be ideal if the baby can both adapt to breastfeeding and drinking from the bottle.

Another thing is to try using the baby carrier which might be god-sent! The mom tried putting her into the carrier and the latter was so comfy she dozed off minutes later. This could mean that mom could continue with some of her other routines. Hopefully, it will work in the long term.