One more week

Faith is already into her third week without you knowing. Goodness! It felt as if she was born just yesterday. Time and tide really wait for no man! And before I know it, I have been confined for 3 weeks. What an achievement for a woman who likes to go out.

Being confined has its ups and downs. I appreciate the food that my Confinement Lady (CL) cooks for me and thank God they are all delicious or perhaps my tastebuds have changed. I don’t even mind the red dates drink that I have to consume instead of good o’ plain water. I appreciate the cleaning of the floor and whatever washing she does. I do feel weird that she has to serve me since I have never liked that idea. And I do feel like I’m an irresponsible mom when she tends to Faith most of the time. Somehow, I have this nagging feeling that Faith will not want me anymore. =(

I am not entirely an obedient person when it comes to confinement. I do go out and the hubs, knowing that I am terribly bored, told me that it is fine that I do some shopping. And I did that. I don’t really understand why we cannot step out of the house (makes no sense to me) and thus my defiant mode is switched on.

joe and dough

Tomorrow is my last Jamu Massage session and I am craving for more hard core one. The more painful, the better. Hah! So, maybe I should treat myself to some spa session.

For the past ten months too, I have been consuming very low amount of coffee. It’s time to break free and get myself a cuppa nice artisan coffee. I also miss the weekend brekky with the hubs.

I miss running too and to do so with the hubs. But that has to wait a while more, just to make sure that I am completely healed. It’s silly to rush into jogging now. But I’m certainly looking forward to yoga sessions in January!

medelaTwo challenges await me when the CL bids farewell next Wednesday. Faith still cannot latch for a long time although she is able to do so for a short while. It will be difficult to get her off the bottle since the teat facilitates the flow of the milk. The Sngs got Faith the Medela Calma teat and I would be trying that out soon. The CL got Faith to use it the other day and apparently, she didn’t like it. Oh no! I foresee trouble!

Another challenge would be bathing Faith. So far, I have only watched the CL do it but have not gotten down to the real act. Soon, soon!