I had a pleasant surprise on my birthday.
Nope, I didn’t get to celebrate it like others but what I received was a gift so touching that I am continually reminded of my mother’s love for me.

Mom sent me a text msg. Loosely translated, it stated, “Daughter, it’s your birthday today right? Wishing you a happy birthday. Do you want me to do groceries tomorrow?”

I should be the one thanking her for bringing me into this world. Being a mother myself now, I appreciate all that she has done for her children. So, a text message from her brightened my day. She remembers.

Faith @ 081212

Another gift is that Faith has been growing well. Went to the pediatrician and she is now a whopping 3.7kg baby. That, is another precious gift to me.

So, as long as my family is with me and that they are well, that is a wonderful gift.

And the hubs who didn’t know what to do on my birthday, resorted to poetry. Maybe I should ask for a belated birthday gift… nah.

It’s your birthday today!
So I wrote you a note.
Just to tell you I love you
And to thank you for all
These three years and more
That we’ve been together
And for more years to come
May it all last forever.
Through the changes we’ve seen
and the roles we both play
The roles that are changing still
Even more from this day.
Yet each change brings new growth
And we grow more complete
Through our journey together
Through each new challenge and feat.
The woman I see now is so much more than
The girl I knew then.
Her values shine brighter
Her patience is clear
Her love and her kindness
Are both always near
Her beauty remains yet now she glows from within.
Who could rival this beauty, my darling wife, Lynn.
Thank you my love for being all that you are.
My friend and my lover
My wife and now mother of my daughter
My dearest encourager
Right to the end.

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