I had a pleasant surprise on my birthday.
Nope, I didn’t get to celebrate it like others but what I received was a gift so touching that I am continually reminded of my mother’s love for me.

Mom sent me a text msg. Loosely translated, it stated, “Daughter, it’s your birthday today right? Wishing you a happy birthday. Do you want me to do groceries tomorrow?”

I should be the one thanking her for bringing me into this world. Being a mother myself now, I appreciate all that she has done for her children. So, a text message from her brightened my day. She remembers.

Faith @ 081212

Another gift is that Faith has been growing well. Went to the pediatrician and she is now a whopping 3.7kg baby. That, is another precious gift to me.

So, as long as my family is with me and that they are well, that is a wonderful gift.

And the hubs who didn’t know what to do on my birthday, resorted to poetry. Maybe I should ask for a belated birthday gift… nah.

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