The delivery

I was looking forward to this day actually simply because the nine and half months of child bearing was too much for me to bear. The endless sleepless nights towards the end and the heavy burden of carrying a life in the womb add to the desire to want to deliver soon. Of course, as with any parent, there was this desire to want to see the little one soon especially if she was facing some form of danger.

So after the ‘last supper’ at my mommy’s who prepared a dish made up of ten herbs including bird’s nest (as if some last minute dish will help the baby to have beautiful skin), we were sent to Parkway East Hotel Hospital to check in. We were early (because the man was anxious) and were immediately warded in the surgical theatre.

Before the ordeal

Time passed rather slowly when you wanted something fast. While waiting for Dr Poon to arrive, I was made to poo before a tablet was inserted into the cervix area to dilate at 10.30pm, Monday night.

At about 4am, the nurse came in and said it was 1cm dilated and remarked that the tablet worked on me so didn’t insert a second one to speed up the process. I was in pain already and asked for laughing gas.

9am. Dr Poon came and said it was 2cm dilated. He burst the waterbag and would be coming back at around 12 noon. I was in real pain and was in sitting position since it made me feel better. A different nurse tended to me this time round and I asked if this position would help in any way in which she said nope. She then asked if I knew how to use the laughing gas which she felt I didn’t really know. Her verdict was correct as I didn’t consume as much till the pain was relieved. So I was educated on its correct use and asked also for a jab in my thigh area. I was in so much pain.

1 plus pm. Dr Poon came and studied the heartbeat and contractions record. He noticed the Faith’s heartbeat had been strong except on two occasions in which it dropped and he was very concerned (remember the umbilical cord?). He suggested monitoring for the next 2 hours and the last resort was really to go for c-section. To be honest, I was sooooo tempted to just say, let’s go for it since I was really helpless and had little reserve of energy but thought I should just trust him.

4pm. Dr came and said the dilation was too slow and that he would put me on drip.

4.40pm. I was desperate and decided to go for epidural. At this point, the nurse told me it was a bit too late as I seemed to be ready to deliver in about half an hour’s time.

5 plus pm. Everything was a blur. I heard voices of nurses. They seemed to be setting up some stuff. One of them then said, “She’s ready. Call Dr Poon to come now.” After that, I was asked to push. I was just following instructions with my eyes closed. It was too painful to describe and I had no more energy left. One of the nurses instructed me to push and I felt something in my vagina. That must be it. Push harder, Lynn. No turning back. I was asked to push when I felt the contractions. God is good. He gave me the sanity and the sensitivity still to know what a contraction was then. And then I heard a faint cry and was asked by all people around me to push harder and with one last push and cry, Faith came out. I stumbled back onto the bed and felt all energy depleted.

Welcome to the world!

It is finished. As Dr Poon has guessed, the umbilical cord was really wound around Faith’s neck.

Thank you, God. And for Ken who had stayed by my side throughout, tending to my request and making sure I was all right. Throughout the stay in the hospital, he had been my helper and got so exhausted I’m afraid he would fall sick. Thank you, dear hubs. And not forgetting dear mother who was so worried for me. I’m also thankful to my brother and sister who are both stationed overseas. Receiving their text messages of concern and their calls uplifted this soul of mine. My in-laws were also there for us all the time. Really felt blessed.

Father and daughter’s precious moment

Our little precious

confinement food in the hospital

Po Po and I. We are going home!

So, I’m a mom now.

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