@ Week 39

Our appointment with gynae was in the afternoon and knowing that the lil one will come out soon, I dragged the hubs to go with me to Seah Street to stock up some baking needs. I don’t know if I have the energy or the time to bake during confinement but it’s always good to have ready stock in the pantry. I super like this store because I can find quality chocolates like valrhona and the right cupcake cases. Yay! The hubs just tagged along, with the basket…quite a sight.

Then brekky at Maison Ikkoku which is located at the Bugis area. What a lot of gems to be found there, I mean, in terms of eateries. I miss this area out! This cafe is rather small but have heard not too bad a review about their signature dishes – Mi Pork Bun & Mi Musubi – but unfortunately, they were not ready when we arrived. Sigh! In the end, the hubs had croque madame and I, umami florentine. The food’s not too bad!

Of course, I avoided the watery yolk.

We went on to collect some baby stuff from Sarah’s cousin. It’s so nice of her to pass us some stuff even though we do not know her personally.

So, we’ve got more clothes for Faith, another play mat, a u-shaped pillow for breastfeeding and some other stuff. Need to share these blessings with others!

Last minute purchase for confinement, as advised by sis.

So, we went for our final checkup at Poon’s clinic. My weight stayed at 62kg and Faith is 3.7kg!!!! What a difference from last week! No wonder this week, my tummy has enlarged so much!Dr Poon, upon checking, told me that the head is not engaged and he was a little puzzled because he said that by 38 weeks, most of the time, the baby should be engaged. So, hewent on to check. Then, he found out that the umbilical cord is near the neck and perhaps this has caused the head not to be engaged since it has restricted some movement in a certain direction. We recalled that on Monday she wasn’t as active as before and Dr Poon asked, “Why didn’t you call me?”

I felt a bit guilty at that point. The hubs had asked me to call him but I wanted to continue monitoring since I didn’t want to kick up a fuss. But I guess where life is concerned, I cannot play it so cool. Better be safe than sorry. So I will be checking in on Monday night to induce. In such case, there is always a likelihood for a c-sec but I really hope we won’t have to resort to that. But well, as long as Faith can come out safely, whatever method is ok.

We need prayers!

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