Anxiety struck

Dear Faith
You know, you have been making Daddy anxious these days.
Yesterday, I attended my school’s prize giving ceremony and was immensely proud of some of our achievements and kept texting Daddy. In the end, he revealed that each time he received a message from me, he jumped, thinking that I would be going into labour. So your mischievous mommy will once in a while text him just to ‘scare’ him.

You seem to like sushi a lot. You kicked so much after dinner and the tummy tightened to such an extent that we thought you want to come out anytime. But of course, literature and forum replies always say that if mommy faces contractions, I would know it. Daddy jokes that because I have such a high threshold for pain, I would probably just brush it off. But I don’t think so. I believe I should be able to tell?

Poor Daddy has often been awoken from his sleep when I stretched and moaned a little. He would often jump and asked me worriedly, “Are you ok?” Mommy is a little pai seh. I mean, I am just stretching…

In any case, I hope you will come out soon. I’m not enjoying sleep nowadays anyway so you might as well come out. I guess we are ready.

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