Monday, I’m tired.

Faith suddenly displays low activity level and it is making the adults worried. Ken can’t wait for her to come out because he’s worried something might happen inside and asks me to call Dr Poon if this persists.

I have been monitoring her movement and though she reacts once in a while, it’s a far cry from her multiple muay thai sessions in the past few weeks.

We have also started climbing stairs since the conversation with bro on Sunday who advised that I do so so that I can have an easier delivery. Well, so long it helps, I’m willing to do that. =)

Work has been busy too but since I managed to strike off a few items from the to-do list, I felt immensely satisfied. There were a few pieces of good news at the end of the day and this really brought joy to us.

Another day has ended. I’m tired. Ken’s exhausted. But both of us wonder when Faith will want to come out.

Don’t stay too long inside, okay?