@ 38 weeks

Last lap of the pregnancy before the finishing line. It’s so exciting and at the same time scary since there will be more unpredictable moments and much more to be learnt. Thus far, the whole pregnancy has been rather uneventful except for the amnio test scare. No cravings, no morning sickness. I have only the Lord to thank. It’s not easy to conceive as I learnt from some friends but He enabled us to. The journey ahead will be challenging but I’m sure He will always be there.

@38 weeks, Faith is 2.7kg (she lost weight?? Anyway, it’s an estimate) and my weight remains at 62kg or 61.5kg. She’s still not engaged yet! Dr Poon said that she is of good size and the heartbeat strong. However, he advised that should Faith not pop by this coming week, we might want to consider inducement. The reason is that in some cases, the baby poo-ed inside and swallowed the poo and when the baby finally came out, he/she will be sick and be sent to ICU. Also, the placenta may be aging which we would not be able to tell using the normal scan. Dr Poon didn’t want us to risk that and asked us to consider. He also asked us to talk to Faith more because ultimately, the baby is the one who decides when to come out. Need to pray about this.

In the event that we have to induce Faith, I hope to give birth to her naturally rather than by c-sec but as Dr Poon said, it all depends. I guess I have to be flexible again. =( More importantly, Faith’s welfare comes first.

One more week to go. I don’t know how to react!

BP: 114/70

And dear Faith, you know, many aunties have been giving you things so that when you come out into this world, you can enjoy all these. I hope you will learn to appreciate all that is given to you.

This cot is given by Mama’s cousin and the two tortoises are given to Mama and Papa before we attempted the SC Marathon 2009.

Mama’s cousin lent us this pump though I hope not to use this often. =p

Look at the amount of clothes that you have! They are given by many aunties!

This is given by auntie Tracy.

This is from the Sng family so that you can travel in the car with us. =) We shall go places!

This is from your Auntie Y and Uncle D.

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