@ 37 weeks

It’s getting more and more difficult to sleep. Whichever position I rest, it’s still uncomfortable. How long more will this persist? I’m getting all panda-eyed!

Faith is now about 2.8kg heavy but not yet engaged!!! I have put on 2kg and am now 62kg. Have gained a total of 13kg thus far. Oh my goodness! Doc said there is a good amount of water in the womb so that’s good. Heartbeat of Faith is strong and healthy. =)

BP: 118/74

I know I’m rather a last-minute worker so I need to read up more on labour and try to remember the stuff. Some knowledge will help as opposed to complete ignorance. This month’s Mother & Baby is God-sent. It has the info I need, from preparing the hospital bag to the stages of labour and it also includes M&B awards for the must-haves!

Bag check

– Maternity notes and birth plan
– Comfortable nursing wear or night gowns
– Slippers and warm socks
– Books, magazines
– Towel and toiletries
– Comfortable clothes to go home in
– Mobile phone and charger
– Camera and spare batteries
– Nursing bras
– Breast pads
– Maternity pads
– Disposable undies
– Newborn nappies
– Baby clothes, booties and mittens
– Baby blanket

My hospital bag…done!

Notes for myself (a summary):
First stage:
– first contractions feel like heavy period pains, while others may experience backache, which get longer and more intense.
– As the cervix dilates, you might also have a show – a reddish or brown discharge –> mucous plug, which sealed the cervix during pregnancy. Waters -amniotic fluid that protected the baby – might also break. Fluid should be clear.
– Officially in active labour. Cervix is 4cm dilated and will further dilate to 8 cm. Contractions are usually 3 to 5 minutes apart now.

What I need to do:
-Call doc if waters break or when contractions are five minutes apart. Once contractions are 3 to 5 minutes apart, hospital will probably advise you to come in.

Second stage:
– Cervix is at least 10 cm wide. About now, the baby’s head enters the birth canal and your uterus starts to contract to push the baby out.

Third stage:
You’ll deliver the placenta and empty amniotic sac. Takes 5 to 10 minutes.

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