The end has come

Four months flew past just like that. It seemed not too long ago that we attended the first lecture with all the expectations spelt out. Assignments poured in relentlessly and then we got the hang of things. The laughter that we had with the many good lecturers is something to cherish in our hearts. Their words inspired us. By their actions, they showed us how to light the path for others. Their grace humbled us and we were changed in one way or another.

Would we go back to where we have left off when we return to our jobs? This is perhaps the fear that some of us have. It’s so fast-paced you can hardly breathe, let alone think and reflect. One comfort we can take is that we would surely lose those extra pounds that we have gained in those 4 months. The place we work in is a great gym. =p

These are my group members for curriculum project. We were still hard at work a few days ago since we had to present our project to the school and the cohort. How ‘fortunate’. And the following was when the presentation was over and again, a pic of us having the final meal at Bollywood Veggies with the rest of the cohort.

I met a lot of passionate educators in this course and many really want to make a difference. I came across a lot of mothers too who showed much concern about me, giving me advice and helping me with this and that. What privilege! Though it is a real pity that I could not participate in the regional trip with my members, I must say the whole experience was enriching and I’m sure Faith has learnt a lot too!

All good things must come to an end. And am going back to reality the following week. Jitters again. What would life be like?

Cranberry Cornflakes Cookies

This type of cookies will find its way into the oven around Chinese New Year. I’ve decided to bake them because I have a bagful of dried cranberries at hand and I really ought to finish them up. I actually feel they give me a Christmasy feel rather than CNY due to the cranberries. Anyway, cranberries are good (think anti-oxidant!) and the cookies could feed the folks of CG on Saturday.

This is quite a fuss-free recipe.

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