Bringing up Bebe

This is a book I picked up at the NLB because I am personally intrigued by how the Japanese and French bring up their children. In Boston, we got acquainted with one couple who had a son then. The husband is a Singaporean Chinese and the wife, Japanese. They were both in France when the eldest, Arata, was born and I saw how amazing the child was. He was adorable and self-disciplined. During meal times, the parents did not have to deal too much with the 2-year-old; he was sitting quietly, munching his food. At an outing, with a group of his peers, a boy took his toys away and Arata, visibly disturbed, went up to the mother and told her what had happened. The mom just told him in a very calm manner about something in Japanese and Arata nodded his head and went off …and continued playing with the kid.

I was personally impressed. It is true that every child is different but he has left a very deep impression with me. It must have something to do with Ayako’s and Alvin’s parenting. So, when I searched some literature on French parenting, I came across this book, Bringing up Bebe, and noted some interesting findings.

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