Marking the end of Alpha

For about 8 Fridays, the hubs and I have been involved in the Alpha course, reaching out to the young adults. Yesterday marked the end of the course, though  by right, we should be travelling up to Johore for the finale session. However, none of our group members indicated going and we thought it might be meaningful to have a closure at our place.

Decided to have Okonomiyaki because it is an easy and hands-on dish. It can best be described as a kind of savory pancake. Often translated as an “as you like it pancake,” okonomiyaki can contain a wide variety of ingredients such as cabbage, meat, seafood, corn, bean sprouts, okonomiyaki sauce (which is kind of similar to steak sauce), mayonnaise, dried bonito flakes, green onion, pickled red ginger, dried seaweed powder, and tempura crumbs.. Basically, you take some batter with cabbage tossed in, add some savory items from the list above, cook on a hot pan, then top with fixings and sauces.

The young ones ( and I really mean young; they are about 10 years younger than us!!!) took turns to make the pancake and it was fun doing that!

First D tried, under the watchful eye of A.

A, the masterchef took over.

And then, D, who seemed quite experienced!

Last but not least, A and L, who did an awesome job too!

Don’t look down on these pancakes; they can be very filling!

We also took the chance to celebrate L’s birthday yesterday. It’s a simple cake that I’ve made but not up to my expectations. It’s the chocolate used, a slightly lower grade than the ones I used in Boston. Hmmm, good ingredients count a lot!

What radiant smiles!

A short video on the art of okonomiyaki (rather funny).

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