@ 35 weeks

I’m into my 35th week! The tummy has ballooned and I hope Faith is putting all the fats that she needs (I look like a whale). These days, it has been increasingly difficult to sleep well. The back aches, the left shoulder gets numb and my left inner thigh hurts a lot. At times, I have to resort to sleeping on the armchair and then realising that it is still not the best position. Perhaps, such limited sleep is a training ground for the days to come when Faith comes out? I think I need to be positive instead of wallowing in self-pity. As long as she is fine, I’m prepared to endure all these ( I believe all mothers would say that!).

Otherwise, pregnancy has been smooth and I’m forever grateful for the Lord for that. Everyone kept telling me to eat what I can now before the confinement period commences and they make it sound as if it were D-day. So, every Saturday morning (not many left), da man and I would scout for good breakfast places to go (at the request of me actually…kekekekek). This time round, it’s at Botanic Gardens’ Food For Thought. This place used to be a food court and I remember going there with my STB colleagues. Now, it has been transformed and attracted many families to dine there. Big spacious place and child-friendly!

Ken’s and my lot. The portions are big and we should be sharing! Find the food nothing spectacular but love the brioche though. The breakfast filled our tummy so much that we skipped lunch. Not bad…quite worth it. Hah!


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