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Dear Faith
Today, you met your cousins, Dallen and Dayen. Aren’t they adorable? They are going to be your gor gor and will play with you when you come out.


Daddy and Mommy also went out with your Auntie Yvonne and Uncle Desmond to buy stuff for you. Auntie Y bought you a book as she is a strong advocate for reading, just like Daddy! We also bought you more PJs and rompers and other necessities under the guidance of Auntie Y! Can you see her checking off the list?

Grandma and Grandpa were thrilled when they met your cousins. Life has become interesting again! Grandma also got mommy to consume coconut drink which many say is good for your complexion. I don’t know how true that is but there is no harm in believing! And as usual, Grandma showed her love for her family by cooking up a storm. I hope you enjoyed the food; they are good stuff!

Aren’t you eager to meet them face-to-face?


Ribena Marble Cheesecake

Saturday’s bake for the CG. I thought it to be quite normal but apparently, the folks like it. It’s a rather healthy dessert though. Somehow, the filling became quite watery which I don’t really prefer since aesthetically, it will not be pleasant. The taste turns out all right and one kid commented, “I really like this!” Ok then, it’s endorsed by the kiddo.

20121014-112445.jpg[Credits: Jac Ng]

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