10 types of mom you might find on FB

Of the 10 types listed in this article, I probably would be a combination of:

1. The ‘I can do it all’ Mom

My own mum is one of this kind, having to help my dad with his work and also take care of the household. I don’t know where she received the energy from as she was CONSTANTLY on her toes. As if the demands of both a worker and a housewife/mother were not enough, she even allocated time to learn baking, cooking, flower arrangement and dancing and set aside time to send us for our swimming and art lessons. I am perhaps the ‘privileged’ one who got to tag along with her for her dispatch work and baking classes.

I see myself likely to be one of this kind. Yup, the type who will rush from work to home and then find time to bake and cook and prepare for marathon. =p

2. The new Mom


3. The foodie Mom

Probably would post pics of baked goods and perhaps children’s recipes!


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