Friday thots

You are what you eat.

Yesterday, during break, my coursemates and I went to Mac and I purchased a McMuffin meal.

One of them, a mother, advised me,”Don’t eat too much processed food. They only add to the calories but there’s no nutrients for the baby or even for us. You will only pile on those fats. Must think about your child”

I felt immensely guilty at that point in time. I wanted to assure her that that was one of the rare moments when I indulged. Otherwise, I would make sure that I eat well and consume as much of home-cooked food as possible.

You see, I’ve been brought up with home-cooked food. My mum doesn’t believe in cold drinks, soda and all kinds of junk food, fast-food included. Not even eating out. If we were to eat out, she would ensure that it was quality food which was seldom by the way (budget constraint). We weren’t allowed to buy potato chips and even if we were to do so, we had to do it in secret. In the end, it became such a burden we didn’t really attempt (that was growing up years in the shophouse under the tight supervision of mom).

So, such legacy will live on. Dear Faith, please don’t expect Mummy to give you soda to drink or junk food. Know that we are doing this for your own good. Thankfully, you don’t really have any craving for this type of food and you just take in whatever Mummy consumes. I promise to continue eating healthy food and when you grow up, we can learn cooking and baking together!

To show my commitment, I chose dumpling noodle soup for lunch today. Good eh? One more thing that I need to teach you is not to be greedy and overeat. Even though a set would seem like a steal in terms of pricing, if it is more than enough a portion for you, don’t succumb to temptation. Eat only what you need.

For your sake, I will consume those herbal stuff during the confinement period. Your grandmother has started to make rice wine which will be ready by the time you come into the world. Yikes!

2 thoughts on “Friday thots

  1. Lol! Rice wine is good! Super yummy with chicken. And guess what? You’ll be having it for every meal, with every dish (except plain rice). It’s in your soup, veg, meat… everything!!! Haha!!! Bon apetite!

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