Mid-week thots


The preparation?

Been having diarrhea for two days now.What a difference compared to the previous days of constipation. Perhaps the body is preparing itself for labour. Whoah…..

Drink up, Lynn.

Bringing up Bebe

This is a book I picked up at the NLB because I am personally intrigued by how the Japanese and French bring up their children. In Boston, we got acquainted with one couple who had a son then. The husband is a Singaporean Chinese and the wife, Japanese. They were both in France when the eldest, Arata, was born and I saw how amazing the child was. He was adorable and self-disciplined. During meal times, the parents did not have to deal too much with the 2-year-old; he was sitting quietly, munching his food. At an outing, with a group of his peers, a boy took his toys away and Arata, visibly disturbed, went up to the mother and told her what had happened. The mom just told him in a very calm manner about something in Japanese and Arata nodded his head and went off …and continued playing with the kid.

I was personally impressed. It is true that every child is different but he has left a very deep impression with me. It must have something to do with Ayako’s and Alvin’s parenting. So, when I searched some literature on French parenting, I came across this book, Bringing up Bebe, and noted some interesting findings.

A similar article worth reading.

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Vietnamese fare

Had craving for Vietnamese food and got it fulfilled at Quan An Vietnam Eatery (233 Joo Chiat Road). Simple yet authentic.

Busy Sat

Of the days of the week, Saturday remains the most hectic but fruitful one.

Finally managed to catch up with dear friends from STB over breakfast at Riders Cafe. It is a tranquil area overlooking a horse ranch which can be a treat for kiddos. They seem fascinated by the 4-legged animals. Thankfully, we were early and got a table at the balcony. Time seemed to come to a standstill as we savoured the beautiful morning. All three of us had ‘The Usual’ which comprises Eggs, Back Bacon (I changed to spinach) , Breakfast Banger, Mushrooms, Tomato & Sourdough. The meal was hearty and the service good. It’s kid-friendly too.

20121028-164839.jpgThen to the visit to the gynae. I’m officially at the 36th week now. Congratulations! It’s been about 9 months! Received the hospital admission letter from Dr Poon and the nurse commented that this is like a graduation cert. Hahhaah. Faith only gained about 200g since the last visit and her weight is about 2.3 to 2.4kg. Sigh. Dr Poon said she’s on the small size but nothing to worry about. She’s still not engaged and he predicted that it might happen after 37th week. Heartbeat is good and he also examined my inner left thigh since I complained that it has been painful. Probably a muscle strain and not the tendon which is okay.

Weight: 60kg
BP: 109/64

Went back home and started to make Japanese Cotton Cheesecake with fruit topping for the CG while the hubs cleaned the floor and do up Faith’s cot. One thing at a time!

Didn’t know that it was T’s and F’s birthday but thankfully the cheesecake can serve as birthday cake for them. Our CG has grown in terms of the number of children. Think would need to supply more food now.

Photo credits: Jac Ng

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Marking the end of Alpha

For about 8 Fridays, the hubs and I have been involved in the Alpha course, reaching out to the young adults. Yesterday marked the end of the course, though  by right, we should be travelling up to Johore for the finale session. However, none of our group members indicated going and we thought it might be meaningful to have a closure at our place.

Decided to have Okonomiyaki because it is an easy and hands-on dish. It can best be described as a kind of savory pancake. Often translated as an “as you like it pancake,” okonomiyaki can contain a wide variety of ingredients such as cabbage, meat, seafood, corn, bean sprouts, okonomiyaki sauce (which is kind of similar to steak sauce), mayonnaise, dried bonito flakes, green onion, pickled red ginger, dried seaweed powder, and tempura crumbs.. Basically, you take some batter with cabbage tossed in, add some savory items from the list above, cook on a hot pan, then top with fixings and sauces.

The young ones ( and I really mean young; they are about 10 years younger than us!!!) took turns to make the pancake and it was fun doing that!

First D tried, under the watchful eye of A.

A, the masterchef took over.

And then, D, who seemed quite experienced!

Last but not least, A and L, who did an awesome job too!

Don’t look down on these pancakes; they can be very filling!

We also took the chance to celebrate L’s birthday yesterday. It’s a simple cake that I’ve made but not up to my expectations. It’s the chocolate used, a slightly lower grade than the ones I used in Boston. Hmmm, good ingredients count a lot!

What radiant smiles!

A short video on the art of okonomiyaki (rather funny).

The end is near

One and a half more weeks to go before we go back to reality. My Group 6 people, after internal presentation.

@ 35 weeks

I’m into my 35th week! The tummy has ballooned and I hope Faith is putting all the fats that she needs (I look like a whale). These days, it has been increasingly difficult to sleep well. The back aches, the left shoulder gets numb and my left inner thigh hurts a lot. At times, I have to resort to sleeping on the armchair and then realising that it is still not the best position. Perhaps, such limited sleep is a training ground for the days to come when Faith comes out? I think I need to be positive instead of wallowing in self-pity. As long as she is fine, I’m prepared to endure all these ( I believe all mothers would say that!).

Otherwise, pregnancy has been smooth and I’m forever grateful for the Lord for that. Everyone kept telling me to eat what I can now before the confinement period commences and they make it sound as if it were D-day. So, every Saturday morning (not many left), da man and I would scout for good breakfast places to go (at the request of me actually…kekekekek). This time round, it’s at Botanic Gardens’ Food For Thought. This place used to be a food court and I remember going there with my STB colleagues. Now, it has been transformed and attracted many families to dine there. Big spacious place and child-friendly!

Ken’s and my lot. The portions are big and we should be sharing! Find the food nothing spectacular but love the brioche though. The breakfast filled our tummy so much that we skipped lunch. Not bad…quite worth it. Hah!

apple mosaic tart with salted caramel

Another treat for the CG. The steps are easy and especially so if you use store-bought pastry. I have given up hope of doing my own shortcrust or puff pastry because of the high humidity here. Instead of puff pastry, I used the former and I feel puff pastry will yield a better result in terms of the overall taste. Actually nothing beats making your own pastry. I. Dislike. Store-bought. Pastry. Did a rather similar one last year and I think I have improved in the presentation. No?

The recipe is found here with lovely pics too!
Have recorded the process:


Madoleine I have none but knife skills come in handy. Just make do.

Laying the pieces

With sugar and dotted with butter

Preparing the caramel

Vanilla cupcakes with ribena frosting

This week’s bake for the CG. A simple cupcake. Suitable for the kids.

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14 10 12

Dear Faith
Today, you met your cousins, Dallen and Dayen. Aren’t they adorable? They are going to be your gor gor and will play with you when you come out.


Daddy and Mommy also went out with your Auntie Yvonne and Uncle Desmond to buy stuff for you. Auntie Y bought you a book as she is a strong advocate for reading, just like Daddy! We also bought you more PJs and rompers and other necessities under the guidance of Auntie Y! Can you see her checking off the list?

Grandma and Grandpa were thrilled when they met your cousins. Life has become interesting again! Grandma also got mommy to consume coconut drink which many say is good for your complexion. I don’t know how true that is but there is no harm in believing! And as usual, Grandma showed her love for her family by cooking up a storm. I hope you enjoyed the food; they are good stuff!

Aren’t you eager to meet them face-to-face?

Ribena Marble Cheesecake

Saturday’s bake for the CG. I thought it to be quite normal but apparently, the folks like it. It’s a rather healthy dessert though. Somehow, the filling became quite watery which I don’t really prefer since aesthetically, it will not be pleasant. The taste turns out all right and one kid commented, “I really like this!” Ok then, it’s endorsed by the kiddo.

20121014-112445.jpg[Credits: Jac Ng]

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10 types of mom you might find on FB

Of the 10 types listed in this article, I probably would be a combination of:

1. The ‘I can do it all’ Mom

My own mum is one of this kind, having to help my dad with his work and also take care of the household. I don’t know where she received the energy from as she was CONSTANTLY on her toes. As if the demands of both a worker and a housewife/mother were not enough, she even allocated time to learn baking, cooking, flower arrangement and dancing and set aside time to send us for our swimming and art lessons. I am perhaps the ‘privileged’ one who got to tag along with her for her dispatch work and baking classes.

I see myself likely to be one of this kind. Yup, the type who will rush from work to home and then find time to bake and cook and prepare for marathon. =p

2. The new Mom


3. The foodie Mom

Probably would post pics of baked goods and perhaps children’s recipes!

@34 weeks

Faith ate more this time! She has put on 700g and weighs about 2.2kg! Yipee! Mummy is having the same weight at 59kg and that is a good piece of news! Dr Poon said the baby is in the correct position though still not engaged. Will have to assess again during the next appointment and hopefully Faith will not change position. According to Dr Poon, there is still room for her to move. Argh!

By the way, can anyone, anyone at all, make out what the pic is?

BP: 100/60
Weight: 59kg
Everything’s fine for now. Thank God!

Time not enough

So, a few of the mummies from the November 2012 FB group have delivered. So fast and scary! I have yet to finish reading the stuff related to delivery and purchase the necessities. So, I’ve got the hubs to read up on water bag bursting and highlight to me the salient points.

For now, I need to finish all my assignments and school planning before Faith decides to announce her arrival. Dear girl, hang in there and get all the nutrients you need. Meanwhile, mommy and daddy will get the stuff ready. =)

Weekends not enough

The weekends’ too short! By the time we did our chores, bought more things for Faith, attended seminar and CG and then went back to both DIL’s and Mom’s place, we had little time left for ourselves.

We need 3 days for the weekend, like what the hubs always harps on.

20121008-161304.jpgFirst batch of clothes to wash.

@ 33 weeks

For the fun of it, I asked the hubs to indulge me and helped me take some photos of the bump. Just for fun.

And so as of today, I have gained 10kg thus far. Goodness! The tummy seems bigger and obviously heavier. Had trouble sleeping and the shoulders and back ache so much. When is this going to end?

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Cocoa pound cake

I’m grabbing every opportunity to bake for I know that with the arrival of the kiddo, the kitchen might be shut for some time.

And I think my friendship index with the oven has climbed one notch higher. I seem to have understood it more now, especially in terms of regulating the temperature (having said that, one could just get an oven thermometer!).

Baked cocoa pound cake today and it was delish! The crumbs are fine and the taste heavenly. Perhaps, the Valrhona cocoa powder might have done some magic in the taste. I used all-purpose flour but according to Dorie Greenspan, cake flour will make ‘the crumb even more delicate and just a touch more tender’.

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Friday thots

You are what you eat.

Yesterday, during break, my coursemates and I went to Mac and I purchased a McMuffin meal.

One of them, a mother, advised me,”Don’t eat too much processed food. They only add to the calories but there’s no nutrients for the baby or even for us. You will only pile on those fats. Must think about your child”

I felt immensely guilty at that point in time. I wanted to assure her that that was one of the rare moments when I indulged. Otherwise, I would make sure that I eat well and consume as much of home-cooked food as possible.

You see, I’ve been brought up with home-cooked food. My mum doesn’t believe in cold drinks, soda and all kinds of junk food, fast-food included. Not even eating out. If we were to eat out, she would ensure that it was quality food which was seldom by the way (budget constraint). We weren’t allowed to buy potato chips and even if we were to do so, we had to do it in secret. In the end, it became such a burden we didn’t really attempt (that was growing up years in the shophouse under the tight supervision of mom).

So, such legacy will live on. Dear Faith, please don’t expect Mummy to give you soda to drink or junk food. Know that we are doing this for your own good. Thankfully, you don’t really have any craving for this type of food and you just take in whatever Mummy consumes. I promise to continue eating healthy food and when you grow up, we can learn cooking and baking together!

To show my commitment, I chose dumpling noodle soup for lunch today. Good eh? One more thing that I need to teach you is not to be greedy and overeat. Even though a set would seem like a steal in terms of pricing, if it is more than enough a portion for you, don’t succumb to temptation. Eat only what you need.

For your sake, I will consume those herbal stuff during the confinement period. Your grandmother has started to make rice wine which will be ready by the time you come into the world. Yikes!

Children see. Children do.

What kind of a parent would you want to be?
What kind of teacher would you like to be?
What kind of a leader would you desire to be?