@ 31 weeks 5 days

Faith is 1.5kg and mommy is 59kg! That means over the course of 2 weeks, I have gained 2 kg and the baby only about 200g??? Dear Faith, could you pls absorb more? Dr Poon said she is on the small size but otherwise healthy and has normal heartbeat. Amount of water is good (whatever that means) and Faith has turned in the right direction although it’s still not head-down. And, I have passed the culture test.

Wt @ home: 58kg

And to show how ignorant the mommy is, the mommy has no clue what a NB pyjamas looks like (because she doesn’t wear one) and why there is a need to have it. We have officially 4 sets of clothes for the NB and my sis screamed,”Huh?! Cannot!” And the whatsapp conversation with her created quite a lot of laughs for me, realising that I really do not know a lot about baby stuff. It’s ok ya? It’s a learning process.

And time to get more stuff for Faith!