Satisfactory Saturday

Had a most fulfilling Saturday. After a somewhat sleepless night (waking up at 2am to 4am), we went to Frankel Ave to have a good breakfast. I need to eat well in the morning to keep my sugar level well in balance. Normally, if it’s just a slice of bread, I will tend to see stars an hour later. So, it’s The Swiss Backer we went cos I was craving for croissant, good croissant.

I like it that this cafe commences business at 7.30am. Not many operate at this hour. We were there at 8am and it was empty. Ordered a Rosti breakfast and Croissant sandwich. I must say that the Croissant sandwich is a winner. It’s buttery and crispy on the outside and the combination and ham and cheese didn’t disappoint.


It was an idyllic morning indeed. We had a table outside and it feels good to have a quiet breakfast and reading of newspaper before the busyness unfolds before us.

The Swiss Backer
97 Frankel Avenue

9am. After breakfast, we went to Parkway East Hospital to pre-register for the bed. Finally, we got down to doing it. I need to go read up more and maybe pack the bag soon.

10am. Run errands.

11am. Back to mom’s to get the grocery which she bought for me. Mom has made my life so much easier. I wouldn’t be able to do grocery on weekday mornings and with her helping to purchase, I could cook at home.

12pm. Zzzzzz. I’m too tired.

1.30pm. Woke up. Time to prepare food for Cell Group tonight! It would be chicken pies and Ginkgo Barley with Dried Beancurd Skin Dessert. Thankfully, the hubs was around to help with the raw ginko nuts if not, my time would not be enough. This time round, I had a better management of the pastry dough when doing the chicken pies. Certainly, practice makes perfect regardless of the weather. But the humidity is really a killer! I was in the kitchen till 5pm, standing throughout and the heels hurt a lot. Must remind myself to wear some sort of slippers to ease the pain.

6pm. Prepare dinner. Mee Tai Muk!

7.30pm. Had a wonderful CG session today, praising God and discussing matters close to our hearts. I’m happy that they liked the food too. This made the work worth it. =p

11pm. Wash up and Zzzzzz….