Deli Turk

We finally made time for a good meal to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary! On the actual day itself, we were down for WPS and decided to bum at home. The hubs has suggested a lot of other stuff like staycation and this and that but all proposals were rejected. kekekek. I think as long as we are happy in our marriage, that is good enough. Having said that, I remember the facilitators at the marriage course have reminded us to make an effort to have dates and surprises throughout the course of our marriage so I think I should just accept some of Ken’s proposals in future.  =p

This Turkish restaurant has been around for many years and is tucked in a corner of Upper East Coast Road. You probably will miss it if you are travelling along the road. I have a craving for such a cuisine and tasked Ken to search for one and we are glad we found this! The staff were friendly and we didn’t feel any pressure in ordering anything beyond what we wanted. I have read rave reviews about their dessert and decided to give it a try. Of course, how can one go without lentil soup when you dine at a Turkish restaurant? (Lynn’s thinking)

Lentil soup, rich and creamy but a tad salty.

Karisik izgara tabagi / mixed grill combo
Such tender meat!!

“Kadayif” the fine shredded pastry flakes
stuffed with unsalted fresh mozzarella cheese and baked in oven served with
honey syrup and cream. You have to order this.

Signature and complimentary tea, Turkish tea. Have to forgo Turkish coffee, so strong that it will keep you staying awake the whole night.

Deli Turk Turkish Cuisine
Address: 162 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore


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