@ 29 weeks 6 days

Gynae visit.

G: You need to eat more. From the last visit till now, you only put on 1kg. By right, at this stage, you should put on 500g every week.

L: (in her heart) I think you need to change your weighing machine. Not accurate. =p

So, Dr Poon checked the position of Faith who has not turned ‘head down’. One of her feet is near to the water bag which can be dangerous if she kicks hard and breaks it. I would have to be admitted to the hospital immediately should that happen. Other than that, Faith is growing fine and has increased in weight from 900g previously to between 1.2kg to 1.4kg. Ok, right? As long as she puts on healthy weight, it doesn’t matter how much the mother puts on. Unfortunately, Faith’s head is not at the right angle for us to see and we couldn’t capture a good image of it.

Wt: 57kg
BP: 119/67

Decided to try 过桥米线 at NEX because I had wanted to try this for a long time! I had my first bowl in Suzhou in the 90s when I was there for my work attachment and it was such a delightful meal, and on top of that, a big bowl too! The portions in China were obviously bigger as compared to the one here (actually rather pathetic) but I must say the soup base is good. There is a story for this dish and it was explained on the wall of the restaurant.

And so since Dr Poon has asked me to eat more, I shall attempt this big bowl of noodles (actually not really big, just that the bowl size is big).

What you need to do is to dump every ingredient into the piping hot soup, let it cook for a while and then you can eat it! At $8 per bowl, it’s a tad pricey, I feel.

Restaurant: HonGuo 红锅
Address: NEX, 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-75, Singapore 556083
Tel: 6634 4675
Website: www.katrinahldgs.com/honguo.html
Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Compare this to the one we had in Kunming…

Rushed back to work after that. But first of all, let’s buy some treats for them! Tarts! I must say they are good and received good reviews from my colleagues.

Fancy Delight
NEX Shopping Mall
23, Serangoon Central, #03-K21
Opens from : Monday to Sunday 10am – 10pm or while stock last
Delivery Hotline : 6469 4606
Website : http://www.fancydelight.com.sg/index.html