I miss…

– running in the ECP. When can I return to running???Arghh!

– participating in races. Can’t wait for Faith to grow up and then I will sign her up for StandChart kids dash. Then the hubs, Faith and I will all be participating. Yay!

– wearing high heel shoes.

– wearing my S-sized clothes which are all packed in a luggage now. I wonder if I could ever go back to wearing them. =(

– consuming sashimi.

– trekking in the forest. Bukit Timah, Mount Kinabalu, Teman Negara, etc. Next time, we shall attempt the one in Lombok.

– hanging out with Lafemme.

– baking classes.

I’m looking forward to…

– Faith coming into this world!

– many sleepless nights to come. Fighting this battle from this time forth. Faith has been kicking relentlessly last night. Wonder what’s up with her…

And…I stumbled upon a website with a whole list of mummy bloggers! Reading their experiences uplifted and assured me that what I’m going through is really nothing unusual. Good!


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