Mid-week thots

So, this week will see my course mates flying off to the respective countries for the regional visit as part of the MLS course, except for the four of us mothers and mother-to-be (me).

To be honest, it feels yucky not to be part of this exciting and maybe, laborious journey. Granted that it will mean more work for the participants but it also means much laughter and sharing of resources among them. Each day, as I read the whatsapp messages by my group members, I felt a bit sad. They were having so much fun (and headaches) planning for the trip and I am not part of it.

If I do not like such trips, maybe it won’t be a big deal to miss it. But I love such opportunities to learn and what’s more, this time round, it’s without students! Already, I have to opt out from leading a group to Beijing in May after knowing that I’m pregnant and now this. Sigh!

So while they are all going off, the four of us have to stay back to plan our own learning in this city in the garden. Dr Khong asked us to plan it such that it would be exciting and meaningful for us. Gee, I don’t know how to achieve that. We just have to make do.

This feeling sucks.

I know I have to be positive. Some would say, “You have to prioritise! …Taking care of the baby in you is more important… This is called sacrifice….and it’s just the beginning.”

Ok, whatever. Anyway, it’s a choice that I’ve made and I’ve to stick to it. =p

Teachers’ Day lunch organised by our class comm. =)

Ok, so below would be some suggestions to make my weeks interesting.
– Read and plan for department. OK.
– Visit cafes. OK.
GO running.
– Go swimming. Hmm, should I invest in a swimsuit at this point in time?? Hmm..
– Bake! OK.
– Go hiking. Hmm, maybe!
– Do up Faith’s room. OK.