Philips Avent Breastfeeding Seminar

I was casually flipping through the newspaper one fine day when an advertisement caught my eyes. It was a breastfeeding talk by Philips Avent and being the person who knows very little about this topic besides its benefits, I decided to sign up for both the hubs and I ($10/pax).

The talk was held in one of the rooms at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention. It was big and much cleaner than the ones in Suntec. There were four speakers on the topic: 2 doctors, a lactation consultant and the VP of Breastfeeding Mother’s Support Group.

I must say that both of us enjoyed the session because we have learnt more about breastfeeding both in theoretical and practical terms. The takeaway was most mothers could breastfeed and it takes patience and practice. Many could not sustain because they find that babies could not latch on and also it is troublesome when mothers have to go back to work. The speakers assured us that for the former, it was because the method was wrong and we need to persevere or look for help. Breastfeeding has its benefits for the nutrients would differ based on the growth period of the baby. It’s just nature’s way of feeding the baby.

I also didn’t realise that a newborn could go without food for 1.5 days because the stomach is oh-so-small. All the baby needs is 5ml of milk which is normally the colostrum. Subsequently, it will slowly increase its intake and they stress that if we purely give breastmilk to the baby, he/she won’t even need to take in water; it’s all in the breastmilk package.

There is a whole lot of information which is enlightening so I’m waiting for them to send me their PDF copies before I digest them again. One more thing that impressed upon me is the breast crawl which is commonly know as the skin-to-skin contact when the baby is first delivered. The baby who is extremely alert then can naturally find his/her way to the milk source within the first hour! Here is a video on this. Be patient and watch the 7-minute clip.

I must say that the refreshment is good too. At the end of the session, each feedback form can be exchanged for a goodie bag of bottle warmer bag, a box and samples of breast pads, 3 containers to fill milk/food, a cape for breastfeeding and some relevant articles on breastfeeding. I like it that they do not do any promotion on its product but I guess that is another strategy that they are using on us.

Another interesting thing that both the hubs and I did was…to correct the feedback form that they asked us to fill in. There were some errors here and there and both of us helped to correct them. We didn’t know that we had done it individually until the hubs saw my form and we had a good laugh over it. It’s the result of our job. kekekek.

This is Ken’s copy

My copy

Of course, one doesn’t have to attend a seminar such as this to know more about breastfeeding. There is so much resources on the Internet. Just that, I learn through visual and experience rather than reading so this form of education suits me just fine. It actually prompts me to find out more about this topic on my own so it has reached its objective!