Lego is my childhood toys. I first got to play with it because my brother had the loose bricks. Then Dad bought boxes for building castles (which I wasn’t interested in) and thankfully, one day, I received a box for building a house. I love the creativity that I could have with using all those bricks to build rooms and houses of my own. And I hope my daughter would love to play with them when she grows up (just so that I would have reasons to buy them. haha).

My dear nephew already has a great collection for a child his age. Lucky boy!
[Photo credits: Yvonne]

A day of celebration

It was a day of celebration for the young and old!

We had lunch birthday celebration for an 84-year-old auntie (ok, auntie would be a safe term to use since I’m forever confused by the family tree of the Queks) at Prima Tower Restaurant. It’s good to see everyone in high spirits! Btw, the food is good, as always!

Look at all the photographers!

In the evening, we celebrated Dallen’s third birthday! Gosh! How time flies! A moment ago, I held him in my arms and the next, he is already a big boy, active and always smiley. And…maybe you will grow up to be a pilot? (contrary to what the mom wants…kekekke).



The plane reduced to such a state.