Happy 47th Birthday!

It’s a long break for us and though the hubs had asked me if I wanted to travel to some places, I thought it would be good to stay in to rest, to catch up on work.

Been back for almost 8 months now and each month promises new adventures. Though at times, life can get a little stale, on the whole, I’m thankful that I am in a very safe place. That’s important to me.

These days, at the back of my mind, is the question, “What do you want Mama to do, Faith?”

Or perhaps, I should ask the Lord, “What’s next for me?”

Spaghetti Carbonara with garlic pork chop. Just a side note, my mom bought so much vegetables for me that I don’t know how to finish them before they turn bad. Having said that, it’s always a blessing to have your family near you.

Random thoughts on National Day.