A lazy meal

Believe me when I tell you that I really want to have more time at home so that I could go back to the happy times I spent in Boston, learning to cook and experiment with different cuisines and cooking techniques.

I looked back with fond memories of my baking classes with CSCA – the nights spent baking croissant, pastries and the making of chocolates. Not forgetting the many ‘Yes, Chef!’, ‘Oui’ and ‘Non’ (my French is limited to these) in response to the talented Chef Delphin. And of course, the dear hubs waiting patiently outside the building in the cold wintry nights to go home with me.

I don’t have much time in busy Singapore and all I could afford to cook today was my ‘everything goes’ soup which is made up minced meat, vegetables (loads of them) and egg flower. It’s still good for the soul and healthy too.

May I have more time please?