I miss…

– running in the ECP. When can I return to running???Arghh!

– participating in races. Can’t wait for Faith to grow up and then I will sign her up for StandChart kids dash. Then the hubs, Faith and I will all be participating. Yay!

– wearing high heel shoes.

– wearing my S-sized clothes which are all packed in a luggage now. I wonder if I could ever go back to wearing them. =(

– consuming sashimi.

– trekking in the forest. Bukit Timah, Mount Kinabalu, Teman Negara, etc. Next time, we shall attempt the one in Lombok.

– hanging out with Lafemme.

– baking classes.

I’m looking forward to…

– Faith coming into this world!

– many sleepless nights to come. Fighting this battle from this time forth. Faith has been kicking relentlessly last night. Wonder what’s up with her…

And…I stumbled upon a website with a whole list of mummy bloggers! Reading their experiences uplifted and assured me that what I’m going through is really nothing unusual. Good!

Mid-week thots

So, this week will see my course mates flying off to the respective countries for the regional visit as part of the MLS course, except for the four of us mothers and mother-to-be (me).

To be honest, it feels yucky not to be part of this exciting and maybe, laborious journey. Granted that it will mean more work for the participants but it also means much laughter and sharing of resources among them. Each day, as I read the whatsapp messages by my group members, I felt a bit sad. They were having so much fun (and headaches) planning for the trip and I am not part of it.

If I do not like such trips, maybe it won’t be a big deal to miss it. But I love such opportunities to learn and what’s more, this time round, it’s without students! Already, I have to opt out from leading a group to Beijing in May after knowing that I’m pregnant and now this. Sigh!

So while they are all going off, the four of us have to stay back to plan our own learning in this city in the garden. Dr Khong asked us to plan it such that it would be exciting and meaningful for us. Gee, I don’t know how to achieve that. We just have to make do.

This feeling sucks.

I know I have to be positive. Some would say, “You have to prioritise! …Taking care of the baby in you is more important… This is called sacrifice….and it’s just the beginning.”

Ok, whatever. Anyway, it’s a choice that I’ve made and I’ve to stick to it. =p

Teachers’ Day lunch organised by our class comm. =)

Ok, so below would be some suggestions to make my weeks interesting.
– Read and plan for department. OK.
– Visit cafes. OK.
GO running.
– Go swimming. Hmm, should I invest in a swimsuit at this point in time?? Hmm..
– Bake! OK.
– Go hiking. Hmm, maybe!
– Do up Faith’s room. OK.

Philips Avent Breastfeeding Seminar

I was casually flipping through the newspaper one fine day when an advertisement caught my eyes. It was a breastfeeding talk by Philips Avent and being the person who knows very little about this topic besides its benefits, I decided to sign up for both the hubs and I ($10/pax).

The talk was held in one of the rooms at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention. It was big and much cleaner than the ones in Suntec. There were four speakers on the topic: 2 doctors, a lactation consultant and the VP of Breastfeeding Mother’s Support Group.

I must say that both of us enjoyed the session because we have learnt more about breastfeeding both in theoretical and practical terms. The takeaway was most mothers could breastfeed and it takes patience and practice. Many could not sustain because they find that babies could not latch on and also it is troublesome when mothers have to go back to work. The speakers assured us that for the former, it was because the method was wrong and we need to persevere or look for help. Breastfeeding has its benefits for the nutrients would differ based on the growth period of the baby. It’s just nature’s way of feeding the baby.

I also didn’t realise that a newborn could go without food for 1.5 days because the stomach is oh-so-small. All the baby needs is 5ml of milk which is normally the colostrum. Subsequently, it will slowly increase its intake and they stress that if we purely give breastmilk to the baby, he/she won’t even need to take in water; it’s all in the breastmilk package.

There is a whole lot of information which is enlightening so I’m waiting for them to send me their PDF copies before I digest them again. One more thing that impressed upon me is the breast crawl which is commonly know as the skin-to-skin contact when the baby is first delivered. The baby who is extremely alert then can naturally find his/her way to the milk source within the first hour! Here is a video on this. Be patient and watch the 7-minute clip.

I must say that the refreshment is good too. At the end of the session, each feedback form can be exchanged for a goodie bag of bottle warmer bag, a box and samples of breast pads, 3 containers to fill milk/food, a cape for breastfeeding and some relevant articles on breastfeeding. I like it that they do not do any promotion on its product but I guess that is another strategy that they are using on us.

Another interesting thing that both the hubs and I did was…to correct the feedback form that they asked us to fill in. There were some errors here and there and both of us helped to correct them. We didn’t know that we had done it individually until the hubs saw my form and we had a good laugh over it. It’s the result of our job. kekekek.

This is Ken’s copy

My copy

Of course, one doesn’t have to attend a seminar such as this to know more about breastfeeding. There is so much resources on the Internet. Just that, I learn through visual and experience rather than reading so this form of education suits me just fine. It actually prompts me to find out more about this topic on my own so it has reached its objective!

@ 26 weeks

First weight measured: 56kg
Second weight measured: 57kg
Blame it on the faulty machine.

Reading at home: 55kg

BP: 117/87

Weight of baby: 900g
Gynae: The baby is growing well. This is good weight (even though it is slightly more than average).

I had the ultrasound pic in my hand but I still couldn’t fathom what it resembled. So not posting.


Won’t you feel thankful when you have family members doting on you by providing you with scrumptious meal?

I do. My mom cooks up a storm whenever we are back (lagi better when sis and her family come back) and Ken’s auntie would also show her culinary skills and love by cooking for the family.

This will be mom’s cooking which will always comprise fish, meat, veggies, soup and Yong Tau Fu. So typical of her and at times with brown rice! Healthy!

And this set will be the Peranakan meal which comprises fish in chilli sauce (assam?), chicken, ngoh hiang, rendang beef and a veggie. Notice that most are meat? The Queks are carnivores. =p

Ken’s personal pack. Effort put in by the auntie.

For the kiddo.

We’ve got the stroller at last from Baby Kingdom at Kaki Bukit! The sis and BIL recommended Combi and this model is what we are looking for. We want something light, easy to fold and open, with reversible handle and within our budget.

So Faith, Mama and Papa bought you Combi’s Urban Walker Prestige.

We also did up Faith’s cot (for show only).

And just for keeps, pics of the nephews!

20120818-210443.jpgAnd Faith at 24 weeks

Meetup @ PS cafe

Perhaps the day that I feel like a housewife.
The morning class was cancelled since the tutor has fallen ill and  I spent the morning doing assignments instead. Lunch with TW, Kuek and ET at Dempsey.

My glimpse into a homemaker’s life. Perhaps, it won’t be so bad after all? Having said that, I’m not sure if I’m keen to stay at home all the time. I need interaction with people!

The cafe was filled with the lunch crowd even though it was near to 2pm! Gosh! Don’t the people have to work??

Truffle shoestring fries

Lulu’s leftover lasagne

PS Turkey Cranberry sandwich

Kuek’s Portbello mushroom with Moroccan couscous (nice!)

Fish and chips


Lego is my childhood toys. I first got to play with it because my brother had the loose bricks. Then Dad bought boxes for building castles (which I wasn’t interested in) and thankfully, one day, I received a box for building a house. I love the creativity that I could have with using all those bricks to build rooms and houses of my own. And I hope my daughter would love to play with them when she grows up (just so that I would have reasons to buy them. haha).

My dear nephew already has a great collection for a child his age. Lucky boy!
[Photo credits: Yvonne]

A day of celebration

It was a day of celebration for the young and old!

We had lunch birthday celebration for an 84-year-old auntie (ok, auntie would be a safe term to use since I’m forever confused by the family tree of the Queks) at Prima Tower Restaurant. It’s good to see everyone in high spirits! Btw, the food is good, as always!

Look at all the photographers!

In the evening, we celebrated Dallen’s third birthday! Gosh! How time flies! A moment ago, I held him in my arms and the next, he is already a big boy, active and always smiley. And…maybe you will grow up to be a pilot? (contrary to what the mom wants…kekekke).



The plane reduced to such a state.


Lazy Saturday

I feel as if I am in my first trimester. Dozed off just after going to the wet market and breakfast and my morning was gone just like that!!!!

Initially wanted to shop for stroller but the hubs suggested another day since I was so tired. Sigh! We managed to get the cot from my cousin though and the hubs set it up! Yay! I like speedy work!


Suddenly had cravings for mom’s Mee Tai Muk and decided to try cooking it myself. It’s a …. success!

Fried Mee Tai Muk with lotsa greens, thanks to mom.

Happy 47th Birthday!

It’s a long break for us and though the hubs had asked me if I wanted to travel to some places, I thought it would be good to stay in to rest, to catch up on work.

Been back for almost 8 months now and each month promises new adventures. Though at times, life can get a little stale, on the whole, I’m thankful that I am in a very safe place. That’s important to me.

These days, at the back of my mind, is the question, “What do you want Mama to do, Faith?”

Or perhaps, I should ask the Lord, “What’s next for me?”

Spaghetti Carbonara with garlic pork chop. Just a side note, my mom bought so much vegetables for me that I don’t know how to finish them before they turn bad. Having said that, it’s always a blessing to have your family near you.

Random thoughts on National Day.

A lazy meal

Believe me when I tell you that I really want to have more time at home so that I could go back to the happy times I spent in Boston, learning to cook and experiment with different cuisines and cooking techniques.

I looked back with fond memories of my baking classes with CSCA – the nights spent baking croissant, pastries and the making of chocolates. Not forgetting the many ‘Yes, Chef!’, ‘Oui’ and ‘Non’ (my French is limited to these) in response to the talented Chef Delphin. And of course, the dear hubs waiting patiently outside the building in the cold wintry nights to go home with me.

I don’t have much time in busy Singapore and all I could afford to cook today was my ‘everything goes’ soup which is made up minced meat, vegetables (loads of them) and egg flower. It’s still good for the soul and healthy too.

May I have more time please?



After a pre-natal massage at Babies Bellies, the hubs and I headed to Steakout which is located at Victoria Hotel. It was once the renowned Republic of Steak, famed for their affordable steaks but now, it has changed hands and the owner happened to be a friend of the hubs. We decided to give it a try instead of going to some ‘atas’ steak houses.

The interior is simple and nothing fanciful which is good since we feel at ease immediately. First up is the mushroom soup and it is good, creamy and rich the way I like it with a good amount of mushrooms in it.


For the main, I had their specialty Angus Ribeye (200g at $19.90) and it was delicious! I must say I like the way they prepare it. Although it was well done, it is nothing hard but tender. Satisfied. The hubs had their medium rare tenderloin ($28.90) and we love it just as well.

For dessert, we were served the warm lava cake with ice-cream. It was moist and good but I wonder if they used at dark chocolate of at least 72% of cocoa.

On the whole, this is a place that I would go back for more. I saw other customers having their sausages and they look yummy! Truly a place to rest and relax with your pals. I don’t know why but it somehow makes me think of my schooling days.

Victoria Hotel #01-01
89 Victoria Street, Singapore 188017
Website: http://www.facebook.com/steakout.sg
Opening Hours: 11.30am-10pm daily

New addition!

The new addition to the Lee family- baby Lester!!!

I still cannot understand how a womb can contain a baby like this? It’s really a miracle.

My turn shall come, God willing. 20120802-204110.jpg20120802-204246.jpg

@23 weeks

The baby is active and the heartbeat strong. Thank God! She is now 500g and the mommy added another 1kg more to her weight.

Stay strong!

BP: 117/69