One of my group members has managed to arranged for an industrial visit to Wanderlust hotel and I thought a dine-in experience would complete the visit. Have read good reviews about the French restaurant, Cocotte, found on the 1st floor and decided to give it a try.

It was surprisingly empty when we reached. In fact, only a few tables were occupied. The restaurant provides complimentary valet which is good since I don’t really like parallel parking.

The interior is unpretentious and exudes a warm communal style of dining; it makes one feel at ease. Only set lunch is available, which is quite unfortunate since I’m all ready to try out their signature roast pork collar. But for only $32 ++ for the set, I guess I can’t complain much.

I must say, with regret, that I was less than satisfied with the food. Perhaps I came with high expectations and it was disappointing that they didn’t quite deliver.

The soup of the day was pumpkin soup. ML and I thought it was rich and creamy but rather bland.

I had the Pear, Bleu D’Auverge Salad which is a mixed salad tossed in lemon-hazelnut dressing with fresh pears and toasted hazelnuts & Bleu D’Auverge cheese. It was rather refreshing and zesty and I was enjoying it until I consumed the cheese and realised I shouldn’t be eating such cheeses! It’s all right as an appetizer but nothing to be excited about.

For the main, ML ordered the Trout Amandine which is a whole rainbow trout with almonds and brown butter. I like the caramelised taste and the toasted nuts but the fish itself, again, was rather bland. Was it my taste buds? But ML wasn’t very impressed either, only perhaps by the size of the fish.

I wanted to order the Steak Frites but it was not available (pity) and in the end, went for Chicken & Black Trompette Mushrooms. The dish was really all right but… the chicken leg was not well-cooked and there was blood oozing when I cut into the flesh.  According to Chef Ramsey (in Masterchef), one shouldn’t serve uncooked meat. There’s a no-no for chefs and I’m not talking about eating steak in which you can choose how it could be done. Chicken has to be well-cooked! Disappointed, I returned the dish to the server for some ‘touch-ups’.

My dessert was Creme Brulee which was pleasant. The coffee was good too. Like it.

Would I come again? Perhaps ( I still want to try the Roast Pork Collar), and I would suggest coming in a group since they have this offer for DBS/POSB card – one dines free for every 3 paying guests until Dec 2012. It’s a good place to hang out with your friends.


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