It has been busy, busy and real busy for the past few weeks. On one hand, I’m thankful that I am attending the July cohort for MLS  since we all know full well that the second semester is hellish but having to juggle between work and studies is no easy feat. Years ago, I could do my part time post grad studies while working full time but now, I feel my energy dipping. Each day when I reach home after school, the body is already tired. My mind is filled with images of undone work and assignment but I couldn’t start my engine.

Friday afternoon signals the end of the week for studies and after collecting my new passport (but can’t travel!!!), decided to reward myself with gong cha and go straight into vetting of papers and writing my own PP which took an incredibly long time (haiz! why do we need to do this??!!)

Saturday morning saw me returning to school for r***ing and then catching up with the GS gang in the evening. It was a good evening of catching up with old friends and the conversation revolved around cycling, work and family. It’s always good to catch up with friends!

Maya explaining to us the dish served for housewarming for the Indonesians – Nasi Tumpeng. She got her caterer friend to prepare the delicious food for us. Yummy!

And Vic baked us a decadent blackforest cake. It’s a pity that the LCB-trained Vic decided not to open a bakery after all. Thankfully, she will still bake for friends!

On the way back while driving along ECP, I was greeted by the fireworks display from the NE show. It was beautiful, an amazing feeling. As I caught a glimpse of the sight, I couldn’t help but be thankful that I’m a citizen of this city in the garden. We are not perfect. Indeed there’s so much improvement to be done. Instead of merely complaining and always asking the government to do something for their people, perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves how we can give back. The progress of the nation does not solely depend on the government. Every one of us needs to be involved.

Yes, I’m a proud Singaporean. And no, I didn’t take this picture (I’m driving!). This pic is sent to me by my course-mate who was there for the NE show. Beautiful!


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