Sluggish weekend

These days, pressure is building. While studying and having to fulfil the requirements AKA reflections and more reflections, there is always the school work at the back of my mind. Things not done and they are pressing. HOW???

And there are other things to do like setting up Faith’s room, getting confinement nanny, cleaning up the apartment, etc. So on Saturday, the hubs and I went down to Ikea for some idea for Faith’s room but in the end, bought more furniture for our nest.

This simple design is probably what I would be going for. And I’m glad that we would not be paying for delivery now since we have a car that is long and big enough to fit the parts in.

This adventure started off well but unfortunately, the hubs hurt his lower back while trying to lift up some heavy stuff. Bad position and off he went to the physician. Sigh! Signs of getting old. =p

And now, I have to reluctantly go back to my work. I need MOTIVATION!


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