A busy start

I’ve been uber busy since the course started. Each day, there are thought-provoking and laugh-aloud moments because the professor is just so humourous in his delivery! There is of course much food for thought and each day sees me leaving the campus with a much reflective mind.

I wouldn’t want to miss yesterday’s lesson if not for the fact that I have an appointment with Dr Poon for the detailed scan. When I reached the clinic, guess who I met? It was Nan! This is what I called divine meeting. She is back for a short period before going back to the field again and the Lord has granted us 30 minutes of chat time!

The detailed scan was all right. It seems that Faith is growing well, all of 300g at this point in time. I was worried about the size of my tummy since many have told me that they hardly know that I am pregnant but Dr Poon assured me that she is growing well. Got a flu jab and off I scoot to school.

Some pics of the scan. I can’t really decipher what it is showing. =( All I can see is the spine. Period.

@ 20 weeks
BP: 119/67


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