Today is Running Errands Day!

We really ought to make time for the arrival of Faith and that means scouting and finalising the hospital, confinement lady, etc. We started off with brekky at the ECP though initially I wanted a nice continental breakfast. But yours truly is really a lazy girl and dread going to the city thus we or rather I decided to stay within the  eastern area

We proceeded to Parkway East Hospital (PEH). We didn’t make appointment but the hubs decided to just ask if they could cater to last minute request for the tour. And we were granted! There was actually a tour at 10am and we could join! Yay! PEH was a small hospital and the number of parking lots was pathetic. However, you could definitely park around the vicinity. The interior is surprisingly enticing and I didn’t really feel that I am in a hospital.

We were shown all the different types of rooms available and though I feel they are a tad smaller than the ones at Mt A, they are still comfortable. Next, we went to Mt A and it took us quite some time to travel there mainly because I’m not very good with the directions. Upon reaching, I was disappointed! It was under renovation and no parking lots! We have to park at the nearby MacRitchie Reservoir and the sight wasn’t really inviting. As I drove past, I saw a long queue for the cabs and grouchy-looking people. Hmmm, I think at that instance, I have made up my mind to deliver at PEH since the cost isn’t that much of a difference. More importantly, the distance isn’t that far and being the practical us, we would definitely prefer that option.

@ Thai Express, the eatery where we had our first few dates, the hubs and I decided that we would not need prenatal classes since a dear friend and sis have both suggested that we could learn from the confinement nanny. So, what I need to do is to read up more and learn from the nanny whom we have also just kind of confirmed.

Oh! Exciting times ahead!

Booking of all sorts starts now!


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