Give up!

After a week of bearing with the pain, tip-toeing my way around and groaning endlessly in the middle of the night, the hubs finally issued me a decree – to consult the doctor. And yes, this time round, I couldn’t talk my way out of it. I HAVE TO GO.

So here I am, much as I dislike consuming any pills, I have to take them. Of course, the doc assured us that they are safe for pregnancy. We still do not know the cause of the pain since the tendons are fine and it has nothing to do with the bone. What the doc suggested was high uric acid and for that, I would have to find out from some form of health screening.

Thankfully, it will not impact pregnancy. But still, I need to get myself checked up once the delivery is done.

Sigh…when you get older, all sorts of crap just creep up.

Time to look after oneself. Eat well, exercise well. And meanwhile to soak the feet in  the tub of hot salt water prepared by the hubs. =)


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